Coverage you can count on

Providing reliable WiFi means using the best software, and expertise to maximize coverage.  Although, it may seem as easy as placing a few Access Points to the desired area right?  In reality, having multiple Access Points or (AP’s) can actually hinder the effectiveness of one another. 

Our WiFi team will survey your site, and make sure we address all the potential dead zones, in order to provide superior coverage to all areas.  We perform before and after comparison, to show the effectiveness of your WiFi signals.  Using the latest heat map technology, we are able to visually and accurately find the best coverage possible, minimizing guesswork to yield the best results.

From Small Business to the Big Leagues

Hospitality: We have experience in implementation of High-Density traffic areas like Hotels and Public hotspots.  Multi-tenant environments, as well as multi-floor broadcasting.  We use commercial grade transmitters, to ensure maximum reliability for all guests.  Using the latest

MIMO (Multi-In / Multi-out) technology, allows multiple paths to be utilized creating fewer bottlenecks during high volume use.  With special features like “Air-Time” fairness, we can limit those users and devices by limiting throughput speeds and ensuring guests get a fair, great WiFi experience.

Outdoor Use:  We carry and use special “Outdoor” Access Points to meet the challenges of Wireless coverage especially around areas like Outdoor Pools, Patio Areas, and other outdoor environments sensitive to obstacles, or poor coverage.  At times, keeping the Access Point indoors may hinder effective coverage, so we deploy weather-resistant gear to finish the job.  Using (POE) or Power over Ethernet, we can effectively transfer power to various devices, to save big money on installation.  Remote Device Installation has never been easier and more cost-effective.  This technology can be used especially for connecting two buildings together as a backup line or provide WiFi Access to far remote areas unable to get power or coverage.  Want to Connect two buildings together?  Or maybe have a huge warehouse with weak coverage?  We can help.

Major League WiFi:  Multiple transmitters can be used, to “Mesh” and cover entire groups of WiFi devices.  Utilizing “Mesh” technology allows us to provide redundancy within our coverage zones, to improve reliability, and perform “load balancing”.  Ensuring this increased uptime, and reliability takes great placement and reliable equipment that we proudly install, like this installation performed for the World Baseball Classics, in downtown Phoenix AZ.  With over 400 Journalists covering the event, this was a particular challenge at this event.

Whether your a Small Office of One, or One Hundred

Great WiFi coverage is something that ANY business can easily afford.  If you’re not getting the coverage with that “Built-In” WiFi antennae, then maybe its time to take a close look at a superior Access Point Solution.  With prices of equipment dropping to all-time lows, you can have the best coverage signal possible.  Whether you’re using your existing internet, or need a multiple units deployed onsite, there is a solution for you.  Security, Planning, Surveying, and Results all these elements will be delivered and implemented into your WiFi system, whether your a small One-Man shop, to a Billion Dollar organization.  You can trust our experts and equipment we use to meet the demand.

  • Survey comes with “Heatmap” Inspection for visual results
  • Expert Installation and Configuration
  • Single or Multiple Access Point Installations Available
  • Remotely Monitored *If needed available to ensure uptime and fastest in the industry response
  • MiMo Technology Used to enhance throughput (Speed)
  •  Replace your old B/G/N routers with the latest AC or Newer Signals
  • Better Range and Building Materials/Construction Penetration
  • Best Value, Return on Investment and Reliability around
  • Enable Wireless Coverage to Difficult to reach areas
  • We have Licensed, and Non-Licensed options available

Don't Spend a Penny until you review the REAL Coverage
We Offer FREE WiFi Coverage Testing

Get your Free Area Assessment, and make the right choice.  Improper Installation, and/or placement is a leading contributor to many problems.  Don’t spend another cent, until you get your FREE evaluation, and visually see the coverage for yourself.