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Going “Cloud” doesn’t have to be a difficult decision, but it is.  Every day we are asked about whether they should place their data, servers, or workstations on a remotely hosted server.  Well, it depends we say.  To answer that question with confidence, we need to ensure our client is aware of the Goods, and the Bads of making that decision.  In some cases going with “Cloud” services makes sense, while others are better off using traditional on premises.   Every day that passes seems to yield more and more developers, and companies trying to cash in on cloud benefits vs. locally hosted devices, and equipment.

Absolute Central takes a nurturing support role, that carefully goes over many of the benefits of going “Cloud” vs. On Premises.  We will carefully analyze security, quality of service, accessibility, reliability, and performance of any implementation whether it be “Cloud” or “On-Premises” with clients to assure we make the right decision.  Managed Cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes careful planning and consideration, in order to get the results desired.  That means a secure, reliable, plan with plenty of room for growth and mobility.

Dynamic Users and Mobile Office Friendly

On the Go?  Did you know that cloud computing can allow any computer or handheld device to typically access your data from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).  If setup right you can actually reduce your overhead of hardware, by not having to meet upgrade cycles, or keep your existing computer as they are.  No! we don’t mean your computer will never need an upgrade or replaced, but to access your cloud resources, all the “Virtual” computing will be done on the distant end, that is your “Cloud” virtual server.  Need to move your office, or maybe start another satellite office in another geographic area? It’s simple, just remote in and start working.  Absolute Central Specializes in Remote Operations, and can setup multi-tenant or location anywhere you have an internet connection.  The good news is you don’t have to have abundant power to achieve your goals to telecommute.  With our Cloud Hosted Servers, you can easily use a common “Residential” connection to perform work from home or telecommute instantly.  Coupled with a remote telephone, you can simply relocate in minutes, or have multiple locations all working in harmony with one another, all with secure access and remote management.

Virtual Servers, Workstations, and Appliances Ready for Action

Virtual Server Technology has gone a long way, and since the beginning, Absolute Central Technologies has been implementing the latest solutions.  Backups, Security, Access, and Remote Management Perfected over the course of 25 Years has made us one of the most knowledgeable service providers in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.   Let us put resources in place and back them up with some of the best support and customer-facing applications today.  From remoting single users using Intuit Quickbooks, to Multi-User Database driven applications we can take the complexity, and accountability away from our clients.

Making Cloud Computing Easy

  •  Virtual Server and Workstations
  • Virtual Appliances and Firewalls
  • Remote Citrix, Terminal Services Available
  • Hyper-V, VMware Ready
  • Linux Server Hosting and Virtual Hosting
  • Work From ANYWHERE in the world
  • Receive and Make calls from ANYWHERE in the world
  • Mobility Not a problem, perfect for multi-site, or Test locations
  • Employ remote staff members? No problem Secure Global Access to resources available
  • Security, Backups Managed and Ready
  • Two-Factor Authentication to Increase Security

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