Welcome to Remote Technical Support

Instructions for Instant “Absolute Care” Support

  1. Call and schedule your online session: 623.505.3015
  2. This is a Pay For Service, Please be prepared to provide payment information prior to your session. (With the exception of “Absolute Care” Members)
  3. Please fill in the Pay Pal deposit below if applicable
  4. One of our technicians will contact you and indicate which chair to use
  5. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you online in a few minutes

Getting Started:  Please click on the photo of helpful remote agents above, or click here to get started

Time Estimated (min 1/2 Hour Please)

Click/Choose your Seat A, B, or C
Click the indicated chair indicated by your technician

  • Simply download and run the software
  • You may/will be asked to “OK” the download to run, Select OK
  • It is normal to “allow” program to download and install. (Browser warning my ask if its ok to run program, please ALLOW)
  • No need for user and password, select connect and wait for your technician to come online
  • Your technician will normally be on the phone to guide you through the process
  • Need Help? Call (623) 505-3015