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Your PBX, Your Way: On-Premises or in the Cloud

Unified Communications, ready for you.  Absolute Central uses the latest VOIP technology to move your business forward.  Feature rich, affordable, and almost guaranteed to save you money over the competition.  We work closely with Telecom Providers to provide the best services and reduce your current monthly overhead.  Chances are if your phone system is over 3 years old, or you feel trapped in your current contract feeling trapped, there is another way!

Let our experts review your telecommunications, and work to reduce carrier bills to an average of over 50 percent.**  If you want the best features like remote phone extensions, easy provisioning, built in interoffice chat, built-in video and voice conference call features, your looking at the right solutions.

Get more features and a lower phone bill we guarantee it.  To prove the results to you, simply ask for our FREE consult and review, and receive a detailed review of your billing, and potential savings.  We use highly reliable SIP

providers to save you money, we will inspect and prepare a cost savings quote for your review, that details equipment, carrier costs, and give you a real picture of how much savings will be coming.  Not only will you have the best performing, Feature rich systems available, you get every feature available like call recording, forwarding, busy call forwarding, call logging, and even use your own cell phone to get automatically forwarded calls, to keep you close to your business.  Return On Investment ROI is fast (as low as 6 months!).  Making reliable calls on a VOIP system needs good internet, and supporting equipment, so we will make sure you have reliable equipment, and provide the security to match.  Say goodbye to expensive PBX units that used to cost thousands of dollars.  With easy migration and failover options, there’s no reason to worry about reliability.  This Next Generation phone system is ready today and has a great track history to prove it.

Compatible with Nearly Every Operating System!

**Based on services provided in 2017 from Absolute Central Technologies Inc. Jan-July (Actual results may vary per client)

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Cloud Hosted: Great for Dynamic Users or Startups

On the Go?  Did you know you can easily add any phone extension to meet the needs of remote workers with just a simple internet connection?  With our VOIP solutions, comes the flexibility workers need to telecommute, work from home, and make practically any location on earth “Their” office instantly.  Hosting in the cloud adds reliability for a “Centralized” Phone System, that has plenty of bandwidth, and reliability to allow multi-location offices to easily use the same centrally global phone system.  Easy Billing, with reduced Long Distance Tolls, make VOIP a very attractive solution.

Since no PBX (Phone System) is onsite, you only need physical phones at your location.  Centralized management, will be performed over secured web portal to make any adjustments, just like it is performed with our on-premises solutions.

SIP Trunk Benefits: Typical Scenario 1

  •  Immediate Reduction in Price
  • 1 SIP Trunk $25 ex: can serve as 6-10 phone lines!
  • Minutes consumed are either 2500 or Unlimted in most cases
  • Long Distance is dirt cheap $.03 cents a minute or less for many countries
  • Canada is typically included as “Free Long Distance”
  • PBX (Phone Systems) can be as low as $400+ (License Included!)
  • Works with a Large Selection of VOIP phones like Yealink, Cisco, Snom, Grandstream, etc.
  • Don’t be held hostage by your Telecom Provider!  No long-term contracts you own the equipment and can choose to terminate.
  • Better Features without the complexity
  • Office Communications and Voice Mail
  • Don’t pay extra for features found on most other Phone Systems, get all the features you need without overpaying for “Additional” licenses
  • In a contract?  No problem call or fill in the form to work on the reduction anyways.  In most cases, we can at least save you money, while you fulfill your agreement with your provider.
  • Want to hear more benefits?  Just fill in the form below.  And we will save you money with no crazy sales pitch or pressure.  We prove it and Support you when ready.

Upto 50% Savings is Typical… Are you getting the best value?

Want more Info to see if VOIP is right for you?

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