Managed Cloud and On-Premises Backups

Managed Backups (With REAL Live Verify/Monitoring)

Whether it is due to human error, power outage, or hardware failure, one of the most common problems we deal with is a crashed hard drive. The good news is data recovery of files, folders, and emails are highly possible. We offer professional hard drive repairs by our trained technicians on workstations and servers, including bit-by-bit and file level restorations. And we do this all with Real, Live personnel. Detailed backup logs are analyzed each day by our backup local team, to ensure one of the most important duties are performed on-time, every time.

We also recover your data using local backups and/or cloud technology options; using the combination of local and cloud-based backups, your data is compressed, duplicated, and encrypted on your local servers, and then immediately replicated on your cloud server.

If a disaster occurs, you can immediately access all your data using our cloud data center, eliminating downtime and reducing expenses for new hardware; we also have reliable replacement local servers to lease, if needed. With “Absolute Care” Managed Support Services, our dedicated data recovery experts will restore your data access quickly and effectively as well as monitor your backups.

Monitoring and Verification

Another major concern for our clients is the growing demand for optimal monitoring of their IT infrastructures with faster uptime, stable, reliable network performance, and 24/7 access care, and without any additional personnel.

With Absolute Care MSP Backup Services, we provide all of these services, as well as, daily uptime monitoring by our internal staff members. We understand that data backups can easily be the “Core” foundation for any business.  Without a proper backup, businesses expose themselves to ransomware, viruses, and even worse accidental and purposeful deletion of data.  Using our cost-effective and trustworthy Backup methods, we provide round the clock monitoring and equipment to keep security and reliability during all backup, restoration, and verification processes.  Our team provides continuous maintenance and integrity checks across all your backup needs.  Our team will, of course, react to any specific Backup or Monitoring failures, as well as, continue performing restoration checks, to validate any backup we perform.  Through this periodic inspection, we deliver superior results, that many others fall short.

“With Absolute Care MSP Support Services, we will give our clients peace of mind as we take care of all their data recovery and monitoring needs.”

Team Absolute

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

With our Absolute Care MSP Support Services management system software, your business can access real-time reporting of your IT infrastructure services provided by us.

Our software produces in-depth diagnostics and solution analysis reports, interactive monitoring metrics, and security and crash alerts to communicate remotely with our clients of the present health and status of their servers and workstations in an expeditious, succinct, and efficient manner.

Our continuous accessible technical team is always ready to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have by completing the inquiry request form found on our software. We are here to deliver preventive measures by tracking, detecting, and addressing any IT-related issue before it becomes a major or catastrophic systemic problem – in most instances before our clients experience them in their environments.  Using the best software and tools available, we vigilantly monitor and report problems with every device on your network or remote locations.  In most cases, we can predict failures BEFORE they actually impact your business.

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