Cloud and On Premises

Our Absolute Care Managed Service team specialized in both dedicated and cloud-hosted servers. A worthy commercial investment for any business. Our dedicated servers are ideal for growing businesses because they provide the additional security needed to keep your data safe.  Other benefits include notable increases in data traffic performance and overall speed, all backed and supported by our “Absolute Care” team.  In addition, we offer cloud-hosted solutions to provide highly resilient computing.  Both options are worthy and capable depending on which solution will be the best fit for you.  Our no hassle consultation will make this process easy, and provide the best solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

We supply advanced technical support, efficient upkeep, and ongoing surveillance for our clients’ dedicated servers, as well as replacement and supplemental dedicated servers. All servers can be leased, local, cloud or virtual. We have solutions to meet every need.

Our Absolute Care Support Team focuses solely on repairing, monitoring, installing, maintaining, and updating our clients’ servers as well as our own.

All the heavy lifting done right

Backups, Updates, Patches, Reports, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware Scans, Network Penetration Testing, Security, Training, the list goes on and on….  Let us do all your heavy lifting to perform routine tasks that always seem to get missed.  Our team will perform all your IT routine tasks so you have a worry-free life.

No more long nights updating programs, or coming in early hassles.  Get your weekends back, and get a well organized, documented worry-free maintenance schedule for your business.  We treat your business technology and maintenance like it’s our own.  Whether you need Individual attention, or you need us to complement your existing I.T. Department, we have intelligent solutions to streamline, and bring the right tools, and expertise to your business.

Return to Operation - Oh yes..

Our highly-skilled, certified technicians are knowledgeable in all current advances in server usage and maintenance and are trained to tackle any server issues remotely and in person.

We specialize in “Return to Operations” ensuring backups are accessible, redundant systems are in place and ready, from a simple backup to advanced failover designs. Some managed service providers may perform routine, automated checks only, not us, we are fanatical about our daily backup checks and review our results daily.  We take data backups and integrity checks very seriously, to ensure the fastest return to operation times for our clients.  Checking data integrity by visually validating daily reports is just the beginning, we perform restoration test ensure our clients’ data is always safe.  What good is your backup if it doesn’t work right?  We utilize the latest virtual server technology, live imaging to provide even more protection in the event of a failure.  Having fast Return To Operation (RTO) time is of course not nearly as important as “Preventing” the disaster or having downtime in the first place.  While our competitors might think we go a bit overboard when it comes to backups, our clients see it differently.  Whether using the latest in virtual computing technology, or cloud-based technology we got you backed.  Clients can store and access their data easily, remotely, and safely without any extra hardware.

Real Worry Free HelpDesk Support

In addition to servers, our Absolute Care MSP Workstation team services our clients’ desktops at their place of business and remotely.

Whether using PC or Mac computers, we offer cost-effective, practical solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs concerning their workstations.  Our Absolute Care helpdesk offers 24/7 helpdesk support availability, to address any desktop technical and application issues. We want to ensure our clients will experience maximum uptime continuously with any size problem whether it be small or not.  Supporting clients means using the best remote control programs, to give our clients first-class support, and fast results during mission-critical hours of operation, as well as perform routine maintenance behind the scenes to not impact employee productivity.  Workstations, Printers, Scanners, Copiers and other IT equipment, we got them covered too.

We handle a large assortment of workstation issues including but not limited:

  • Slow response time
  • Sluggish performance or speed issues
  • Installation, troubleshooting, and repair of hardware and software applications
  • Security threats
  • Managing network infrastructure among workstations and servers
  • Remote deployment of automated system updates and upgrades
  • Backups of workstations data
  • On-site training for clients’ employees on workstation preventive care
  • Routine Reporting and Consultation to ensure you always enjoy the latest technology as well as keep well informed.
  • Expedited attention to fix all your I.T. Issues.
Expected Results:

Complete IT Coverage

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