What makes us different? Our Services…

“Taking the Pain out of Managing your Technology is more than fixing Servers and Workstations. It’s about providing a method or solution that addresses the problems before they happen.  It’s a commitment to be your best to our clients and proactively implement the solution before a problem occurs”

We don’t just say it, we mean it.  We believe in real customer support.  Call us and see.  You can bet, your problems and resolution will not go unnoticed with our help desk team.  Every client gets results fast with our amazing response times.  We can set up SLA’s that place our clients first, in the event your systems need particular attention.  This is especially important with our 24/7 business clients with mission critical needs.  We’ve worked with ATM’s from national bank systems, and we know how downtime can cause a massive revenue spike.  Within moments, we are already working on the solution, and we stock ample inventory ready to deploy in the event any repair will be extended.

At Absolute Care, we carefully integrated Storage, Security, Desktop, Servers, Hosting, Applications, and mobile device management within one, monthly offering.  We mesh all these products and services, to provide a sustained singular billing solution that is ever growing to meet the needs of our client’s business model. Through this continuously improving model, we keep our client’s products and services at the cutting edge of technology.  Keeping our clients business goals in focus, staying ahead of their competitors.

Fancy sales tactics and long-term commitments are off our table.  Many of our competitors use tactics that show “Low Monthly Fees” however, either lock you into a long-term agreement or make you pay for it some other way.  If you’re looking for a great deal, we are it.  Let us prove it by showing you the Return on Investment, or Long-Term savings through true comparison.  Many of our competitors use 5+ year payment plans to sell products and services that are heavily marked up.  Although we offer terms, we offer those terms to best fit the needs of our clients first.  Being upfront and honest with our clients is the way we do business.  We are committed to a long term relationship, not just a quick buck.

What does this mean for you?

It means that your business will possess the latest proven technologies, faster return to operations and possess a competent crew to manage your network, and help keep your business running smoothly.

Industry Specific Attention to Detail:

Whether you run a Medical Practice, Dental Clinic, Construction, Service Delivery, or Manufacturing we have several service offerings to help solve many of your daily problems.  We don’t just deliver I.T. Services, we give and maintain the tools that make your job easier.  For example, in Dentistry, we might deploy an automated schedule system, that reminds your patients to come in for their teeth cleaning.   Reductions of “No Shows” are dramatically reduced.   For Medical we may use a certified HIPAA compliant communication system to keep all patient records confidential, and secure.   Construction might want before and after pictures to become available to office staff members to help make an immediate decision, so we “Upload Photos” to the project folder for all to review.  In any case, we can bring value, and solutions to several daily problems for most industries.   Our team “Absolute Care” constantly updates our service, and solution offerings with the latest tech to keep our clients with the best tools available.  Using our “Proactive” approach we keep our clients profitable, and ahead of their competitors.

Are you looking for a better Managed IT Solution?

We will provide a FREE evaluation, or private consult to go over all the services, or current services you have.  We can work with nearly any budget, and work with you to get things going.  Whether you have a fixed budget, looking for a better deal, or think someone is taking advantage of you, we can at least show you a comparison of what we offer to make your next decision easier.  With our NO HASSLE, NO PRESSURE policy, we will consult with you, and hear your concerns and provide an alternative to meet your needs in the future. Try us its FREE and we can come out to meet you. We will even provide a ($730 value) printed network assessment for your review to highlight areas of security or other network weaknesses you can take to your current IT vendor.

 Basic MSP Services

  • Daily Monitoring 24×7 Critical Points Checks on monitored systems
  • Perform Routine Maintenance on all Workstations and Servers (Scandisk, Defrag, SMART, Registration Cleaning)
  • Automatic Healing and Resets (patches and minor adjustments included)
  • In Depth Weekly Checks (Detailed Reports Available)
  • Documented Network and Semi-Annual Review (In depth discussion about the past, present, &, future of your IT)
  • Automated Monitoring Systems and Up-time Reporting
  • Remote Control Client Dashboard
  • Client Portal to see all assets functioning/status
  • Managed Antivirus for monitored systems and for Both Workstations and Servers
  • Includes Domain Name
  • Basic Website Hosting (PHP/MySQL)
  • Drop-Off service center support ready to help
  • Help Desk support with our “Absolute Care” crew
  • Basic Email Hosting Pop/IMAP Included

Optional MSP Services

  • Exchange Email Hosting / Exchange Server (optional)
  • Cloud and Local Backup Storage for Monitored Systems (optional)
  • Email Protection from Malware/Viruses (optional)
  • Email Server SPAM filter included (optional)
  • Fax to Email Services (optional)
  • 24/7 Workstation Repair/Alerts (optional)
  • Inter-office File Sharing Service (like DropBox – Works with all your office devices) (optional)
  • Inter-office Communications Share-point Systems (optional)
  • Control Unproductive Browser Activity (optional)
  • Office 365 Software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Etc.) (optional)
  • And so much more!