How Ordering an Amazon Router Can Ruin Your Business

To better understand how easily security can be compromised using simple hacking tools, we must first understand that exploiting a network is easy.  Thanks to search engines like Google and DIY (Do it yourself) sites, nearly anyone can download or access these tools.  Go ahead and try typing “How to hack” in your favorite search engine, and see the results for yourself.  Using these methods any able-body, willing person can easily use your WiFi, or other methods to compromise your business network.  In this Overview, we will look into some common mistakes that may highlight areas of concern, allowing exposure of sensitive security information and/or potential compliance organizations.   Here are the topics we can discuss, to show you WHY, HOW, and hopefully give you some insight of how to better address these concerns, keeping your Practice Safer and Financially Sound.

5-Ways to Help Protect You and Your Patients

Covered in this Overview “We Cover 5 Challenges Every Dental Office Must Face”

  • All Routers are NOT created Equally
  • Updating Hardware is just as important as Software
  • Daily Exploits and Pro-Active Measures
  • Why WiFi can be your “Silent Killer”
  • Why HIPAA is not good enough
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Stay Vigilant, Robert Crossland, CEO Absolute Central Technologies Inc.

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