Meeting the Needs of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a growing challenge for IT service companies like Absolute Central.  Thousands of Medical and Dental Professionals struggle to manage and secure their networks. Not to mention, the volume of medical technology keeps rising.  It is more important than ever to get a team dedicated to working on that technology to keep it all working together.

We meet with Doctors and other Professionals all the time that take a vital role in their own technology, but fail to juggle their occupation of choice vs. the technology they work with.  Imagine what could be accomplished if you give this “Manageable” Chore to our team of I.T. Experts.  For less than the price of any staff member, we can completely support or supplement all your I.T. Needs.  Also consider this, another obstacle that stands in the way of IT professionals, and is HIPAA. (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  The growing requirements and security needed is sweeping in and affects all corners of the healthcare industry. From the way healthcare transactions are recorded to protections for patient data, HIPAA has rules for it all. Are you able to meet these challenges alone?

It takes good tools, and equipment to properly manage and grapple with the nuances of HIPAA. Absolute Care’s mission is to provide our healthcare clients with some of the best IT technology available including Encrypted Email, eFax Solutions, Secure Cloud Connectivity, Redundant Internet Connections, and a secure method of remote control to and from your remote office computers.  Absolute Central has all the tools you need to ensure at the end of the day, you have a well-managed network to meet and exceed your expectations on regulatory compliance like HIPAA.  Through documenting processes, to performing routine internal audits, we have you covered.

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Securing and Managing a network, is just a portion of the expected benefits.  But how about the “Hidden” benefits? Whether your a Dentist or Physician means being aware of all equipment and devices on your network.  Utilizing our Absolute Care “Live” monitors, we are able to detect anomalous behaviors, like unauthorized use of resources, or detect a breach prior to it actually taking place. Understanding what is on your network, and constantly monitoring and documenting use, gives our clients several advantages.  While an I.T. repair tech may be on call when something fails, we take a much more proactive approach, by not allowing bad things to happen in the first place.  Preventative maintenance, is proven time and again, to not only reduce network downtime, but increases productivity, and allows “detection” of many failures before they happen.  Having the proper monitoring, allows our staff members to help on a daily basis, with equipment malfunctions, or help take the burden of troubleshooting issues with computer faced equipment as well.  Clients on our Managed Services program, enjoy this often overlooked problem.  Imagine all the hours you spend speaking with those 3rd Party service providers.  Your time is better spent making decisions, and performing tasks that impact your bottom line.  Let us take on that responsibility, and help reclaim your valued time.

  •  Hassle Free I.T.
  • Priced to be less than average part-time employee
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Easy to Meet “Fixed” Monthly Billing
  • Compliance Training
  • We Protect our organizations through secure documented reporting
  • Free up time more time
  • Improved Technology, and Productivity
  • Innovations to increase profit
  • Stay in front of the curve with the best security, and productivity tools

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