Warranty Coverage:
1) Self Installed: All separately purchased or self installed components carry a standard 30 Day Warranty from date of purchase. (*except “Limited Warranty Items” below)

2) Installed By Team Absolute: Components installed or service performed by our in-store technicians, automatically have a 6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty from date of purchase. (*except “Limited Warranty Items” below)

3) Complete Systems (or) Towers: All complete towers or systems built by ACT Inc. have a 1 Year Warranty on parts and labor from date of purchase. (*except “Limited Warranty Items” below) // All labors inclusive of the warranty is performed at our “Store” or nearest physical location only. Onsite warranty service is not automatically inclusive, and will be stated otherwise in addition to our standard warranty listed herein.  Factory Refurbished or “Recertified” equipment typically carry a minimum of 90 day warranty, unless stated otherwise.

4) Extended Warranty: Absolute Central Technologies provides a purchasable (6) Month Extended warranty that will extend the existing warranty on New Computers and Select Used Computer towers. All repair labor and parts will be provided free of charge. (*except “Limited Items” below)
Extended warranties “Add To” the existing warranty. Extended warranties are limited to 3 major repair occurrences per covered machine.
Example 1: If you purchase a used computer purchase with ZERO or NO warranty… It will now be covered for 6 Months (Parts and Labor)
Example 2: New Computers have 1-year warranty standard, with extended warranty the computer now has 1 year and 6 months coverage (Parts and Labor). Extended warranties will be additionally purchased and invoiced as a standard line item for easy future referral.

5) *Limited Warranty Items: All items such as, Unopened Software, Keyboards, Mice, Fans, Light Kits, Cables, UPS, Power Supplies, consumable stock or accessories that experience direct body contact will carry a 7 Day warranty. Items showing abuse or wear & tear, regardless of purchase date will not be covered. All items must be in “like new” condition, in all original packaging and in re-sellable condition to qualify for warranty coverage or exchange. We will make every effort to compensate or discount a replacement product as a means of resolution during the products standard warranty period.

6) Used Products: products sold as “USED” or other than new, carry NO warranty through ACT Inc., however a factory warranty MAY still be valid. Many vendors and manufacturers provide up to 3 to 5 years on some components.   

Exchanges and Refunds:
1) Satisfaction Guarantee: Items and products returned within 3 working days qualify for “Satisfaction Guarantee Program”. Products that are in good condition with all original contents and packaging may be refunded WITHOUT any penalty or restocking fees. Products that don’t meet these guidelines may be restocked or denied based on condition of equipment.Equipment that has Physical Damage must be reported within 1 day of purchase. Items NOT reported and have physical damage, will not be warranted.  Products must be “returned” for refunds, within 30 Days, or will be subject to current market value pricing, and refund value may be based on reduced, or increased value of products determined by Absolute Central Technologies Inc.

2) Restocking Fee: A 15% restocking fee will apply to all refunds outside the Satisfaction Guarantee period. Depending on circumstances this fee maybe waived by company supervisors if all components or systems have retained original documentation, boxes, registration slip, software, and all items have not been used. For “Custom” built configured or built units, a 18% restocking fee may apply. Shipping and Handling charges are NOT refundable.

3) Exchanging Products: If for some reason your item is no longer available or manufactured, a like or equivalent item (of equal or less than original value) may be used to replace defective or returned products. We will do our best to exchange your product for the identical or equivalent item/s but it may become necessary to allow time to send returned products back to the manufacturer if no immediate exchange can be made.

4) Not Refunded: We cannot exchange or refund items that have been modified, altered, over stressed, abused, or in some cases “custom built” or in any condition other than resell-able as determined by ACT Inc. regardless if its under warranty or not. ALL SPECIAL ORDERED ITEMS or SPECIAL MODIFIED are non-refundable, however will be covered under warranty, or be serviced if possible. 

5) Software: Any software that has been opened CAN NOT be returned. An exact item exchange is possible for damaged discs. Unopened software can be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days. In case of any refund there is a 15% restocking fee and shipping is not refundable.

6) Right of Denial: ACT Inc. has the right to DENY any refund or exchange if the product is missing software, parts, pieces, or documentation that render the item useless or exhibits signs of use, neglect, abuse, or misuse. Any action that makes the product non-returnable or non-resalable, will Void any warranty or possibility of exchange or refund as determined by ACT Inc. or its personnel.

Our Method of Refund:
1) Cash and Check Transactions: All cash or check transactions over $100 will be refunded by company check by corporate headquarters within 7 days after the payment check has cleared (except same day purchases). This may be waived depending on circumstances and availability as determined by ACT Inc.

2) Credit Card Transactions: All Credit card purchases will be refunded to the same card initially used for purchase.

Terms & Conditions:
Upon delivery of repaired equipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure any discrepancies are reported to ACT, Inc. within 72 hours of delivery, otherwise services performed by ACT, Inc. are deemed to be satisfactory. ACT, Inc. or any of it’s employees/associates, cannot be held liable for data loss or any other problems incurred during repair or service actions at ACT, Inc. ALL OVERDUE work orders are subject to an 18.99% finance charge. ALL systems must be picked up within 30 days of completion or will be subject to forfeiture of equipment.

Finance Charges:
A finance charge of 18.99% will be accessed on all invoices not meeting the 15 day grace period on all overdue invoices. That means, after the 15 day grace period, we will charge finance fees of 18.99% APR or $1.50 (whichever is greater) on all open invoice(s) past the due date. Finance charges will be accessed from the ACTUAL DUE date. (EX: if a customer has a 15 day grace period with us and they have an invoice that has aged 20 days, there will be a finance charge on the 5 days overdue.) As a reminder all accounts have a NET 15 day account by default.