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Well, we have finally done it! We are now able to provide essential protection for home users.  Get business class protection even for smaller work groups.  Our bundles will provide our customers all the software they need to get secure and keep their computer safe.  For one low monthly price, you get essential software like Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, and Critical Windows updates performed for you automatically!  And with our Plus Package, you get much more!  Check out the packages below for more details

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Affordable Bundled Protection with Real Support


  • Remote assist for fast repairs
  • Built in discounts for all members
  • Supported monitoring to help keep an eye out for trouble
  • Cheaper than Doing it Yourself
  • 25% off any Labor Onsite or drop off
  • 25% off any Remote Support Labor
  • Always have the latest version with “Live” help desk support

$14.99 per month

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  • ALL THE “ESSENTIALS” plus these!
  • Monitored Cloud Backups Included! (25GB)
  • We Keep your computer running fast
  • Patch Management enforcement
  • Your own Logmein Remote Control Portal
  • Use your computer from anywhere
  • Quick Fixes (5min Remote Fixes Included)
  • FREE 30-minute consult monthly
  • FREE Chassis/Physical Computer Cleaning
  • FREE Tips and Advisory from Newsletter
  • Discount on Pickup and Delivery Services
  • 5% Discount on Parts

$29.99 per month

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Additional Information:

Download .PDF  Flyer HERE

Are you looking for Enterprise Class support for your Home?  It’s finally here, the ultimate packages for your personal home use.  This is perfect for anyone that wants total protection such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, LogMeIn Remote Control, and Online or Local Backups. This is becoming one of our most popular offerings for all “Walk-In / Over-The-Counter” clients that want a custom managed services offering for their home or micro business environment.

“Home Edition” Features:

  • Windows Updates we will help keep an eye on these to ensure you stay current and protected
  • Remote Control is ready for action, to allow immediate help once you request it.
  • Get 25% off labor from our retail store drop off location
  • Get 25% off any remote repair services in case you might need it.
  • We keep a vigilant eye on errors and alerts your computer may have issues with
  • Quick 5 minute fixes included, any additional labor will be billed at the discounted rate
  • Full Commercial retail quality software, NO Freeware here!
  • Top Notch Vendors to help secure your computer from Viruses
  • You get: Webroot Anti-Virus
  • One of the Best Anti-Malware Scanners around.
  • You get: Malware Bytes
  • Help Desk Support (8 am -5 pm Monday through Friday) 24/7 Coverage available for additional fee
  • Our Super lightweight software will report trouble 24/7
  • We will notify you about important issues, and arrange repair BEFORE they happen (In most cases) ex: Hard Drive going bad
  • We make sure your Windows Firewall is working so you stay protected
  • We monitor your Hard Drive “SMART” and look out for disk errors BEFORE it’s too late
  • Windows Updates Checked
  • Fast Remote Tech Assist Software Included
  • Remote Quick fixes FREE (Easy 5 minute fixes Included)
  • AND MORE w/ our “PLUS” package (Read Details)
Get REAL Support
Fantastic Telephone Assistance
Alerts to Viruses, Malware, Hacking and More
We keep a lookout for Unsecured Conditions
Made Specially for Home Users like You!
  • Keep Current on Latest Threats
  • Protecting your Computer Tips / Tricks
  • Specials and Promotions
  • Special Events and Exclusive Coupons
  • Cyber Security Latest Hacks and Attacks
  • DIY tips you can use to protect your computer

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