Our Support Staff is always ready to help

Our helpdesk is always ready to assist your business.  Absolute Central offers the perfect level of Help Desk support from Hours of Operation to 24/7 Coverage.  For mission-critical business operations, we even support after hours and Holiday Support.  With each call, we take we will show you the best level of care, respect, appreciation from our team of experts ready to help you with any situation.  Absolute Care is augmented by over 400 Network Operations professionals on our 24/7 monitoring plans.  Getting the best care is what we do best.

What our Help Desk does Exceptionally Well

  • Answers the Phone
  • Gauge Customers Technical Level
  • Identifies the Problem Level
  • Checks for Previous Issues historically or existing tickets
  • Take Detailed Notes on Every Interaction
  • Directly Address Problems, or get someone that can help if the problem can’t be resolved
  • Speak Clearly and Understand our Clients, as well as provide an explanation and feedback
  • If the problem doesn’t get resolved right away, we will immediately escalate the problem, and get the right amount of force needed to address your problem
  • Communication and Follow-up with problems to keep you well informed
  • We don’t outsource to other countries to provide technical support
Client Approval Guarantee

“We’ve used many I.T. techs, and the main reason we went with Absolute Central Technologies, was the fact that when I need Help I get it fast.  I don’t have to worry about staying late any longer, and know that the problem is going to be working by morning.  I used to have to come in early, or leave late from work to make sure our employee’s computers can logon in the morning to even be productive.  Now I don’t worry, I just call Absolute, and they get working on it, leaving more time for myself, my family and closing business. ”  Thanks Absolute!   Darin

Our Help Desk Benefits:
  • Fixed Monthly Billing expectations
  • Get a full crew of IT professionals to handle and deliver any size job
  • Dedicated Account handler for immediate knowledge on your network.
  • After Hours, and Weekend/Holiday support is available with any package
  • Server Level support as well as workstation level
  • If we cant fix it, we drive it guarantee response available
  • No risk guarantee if we cant satisfy!
  • We believe in communication, that means answering and returning phone calls ASAP
  • Our clients will automatically receive a higher priority for anything “Mission Critical” or breakage to hinder your business operations
Want to Experience REAL Customer Service?

Simply give us a call, or better yet fill in the form below and we will arrange a “Trial” period to experience help desk support, and Managed Services the way it should be.

Need Fast Help?

Faster support, without dragging our clients through several minutes of on phone support calls.  We will fix the problem fast, efficiently, and typically do not require any help from our clients.  All Managed Services Clients enjoy custom portal allowing all jobs to be tracked “Live” after submission, and consistant communication updates as events occur allowing clients to provide feedback, and know exactly what is going on.  Handling your I.T. is what we do, so don’t worry, Absolute Care is on the job!