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The NVIDIA-Arm merger could change how we work

By September 18, 2020Newsletters

If the merger between Arm and NVIDIA is approved (I expect Great Britain, the EU, and China will have reservations), the result could be a massive change in AI capability. And, given that Arm is dominant in mobile devices and IoT, and NVIDIA is dominant in both graphics and AI training, it’s a merger that could have a dramatic impact on how we work as well.

We’ve had several efforts, most recently from Dell and Microsoft, to integrate smartphones with PCs. But there has been no dedicated bridge hardware vendor yet.  Yes, Microsoft seems to be working in that direction with its Surface Duo, but it is a niche product and if it does go mainstream, it likely won’t be until its third version.  Qualcomm could do this, but its Always Connected PC effort is just getting off the ground – even though the company does have critical mass with cell phones. Even so,  Qualcomm doesn’t seem that interested in blending the two concepts. 

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