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10 ways to get more out of your Mac

By August 20, 2020Newsletters

The Mac is festooned with features, some of which are more obvious than others. This collection should help you get things done on your Mac just a little faster.

Open in work mode

You’ll save a little time if your Mac automatically opens up to your work folder. Set this up in Finder>Preferences in the General pane, where you should set New Finder windows show to the folder you need to explore most often.

Get fluent with Finder

You spend a lot of time in Finder, so why not make it work for you?

The best starting point is to define your most important folders as Favorites on your Mac. You can also define key folders to iCloud. I prefer the latter as it means my work is available across all my devices, but you may not want to share your data with the cloud; choose the option that’s most relevant to you.

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