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Imagine an ‘Android Pro’ subscription

By June 9, 2020Newsletters

Fair warning: What you’re about to read is pure and unadulterated longing — a “wouldn’t it be nice” bout of daydreaming that, as far as I’m aware, has no basis in immediate reality and no connection to actual plans known to be in the works.

But on the surface, at least, it sure does seem to make an awful lot of sense. And maybe, just maybe, it’s something we could see Google try to pursue in some way, someday.

The idea is all about subscriptions — something that doesn’t sound super-exciting, I realize, but stick with me on this, ’cause it really could have some interesting implications. Tons of tech companies are turning to subscriptions as a way to supplement revenue and keep the cash comin’ in, even as we gadget-carrying mammals are hanging onto devices for increasingly long spells. And Google getting in on that same sort of action could be quite consequential.

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