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Microsoft unveils Teams-equipped 365 subscription for front-line workers

By March 23, 2020Newsletters

Microsoft has announced a new Microsoft 365 plan that will serve as the bottom rung for a group it has dubbed “firstline workers,” people who take calls, ring up sales, interact with customers and spend their shift on factory floors or in the field.

The subscription, unveiled last week, will be labeled Microsoft 365 F1 and is to go on sale April 1.

Because that product title was already taken – a same-named subscription launched two and a half years ago in September 2017 – the previous Microsoft 365 F1 was rebranded as Microsoft 365 F3. (Microsoft has an aversion to even-numbered IDs for its subscriptions.)

Not surprisingly considering its lower-numbered name, Microsoft 365 F1 contains fewer components, offers less functionality and costs less than the new F3 (née F1).

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