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Exploiting the Coronavirus: The Spammers, the Scammers, and the Bad Guys

By March 9, 2020Cyber Security

By Eric Howes,  KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher. If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past week or so, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the majority of the stories on your preferred news site are now linked to the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19). Unfortunately, ignorance, fear, misinformation, and even malicious disinformation appear to be spreading almost as fast the virus itself — a turn of events some are now calling an “infodemic.”

Put another way, despite our sophisticated computing devices and globe-spanning information networks we seem to be no less vulnerable than previous generations to the very worst of human behavior that tends to rear its ugly head during health crises such as this one. We just happen to do our FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) more quickly and efficiently than our parents and grandparents. (Hooray for us.)

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