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Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 resumes march towards endless dominance

By January 4, 2020Newsletters

Microsoft’s users last month resumed purging their PCs of Windows 7, but as the operating system’s retirement countdown neared single-digit days, it still powered hundreds of millions of machines worldwide.

According to data published Wednesday by web analytics company Net Applications, Windows 7’s December share of all personal computers slipped by two-tenths of a percentage point – a small difference from a flat November – to end the year at 26.6%. Windows 7’s portion of the user share of just Windows PCs fell four-tenths of a point, to 30.8%.

(The percentage of Windows PCs is larger than the percentage of all personal computers because Windows does not run every desktop and laptop. In December, Windows powered 86.8% of the world’s personal computers (an increase of seven-tenths of a percentage point). Of the remainder, all but a tiny fraction ran macOS, Linux or Chrome OS, in that order of decreasing popularity.)

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