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Desktop 2025

By December 19, 2019Newsletters

I’m on record as saying that, like it or not, the future of the desktop is in the cloud. Or, at least, that’s my take on Microsoft’s move to Windows Virtual Desktop. But what will that really look like? Let me deal out my tarot cards and tell you what I find.

The desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) model really is coming. Heck, it’s already here. Google’s Chromebooks own the education vertical. Sorry, Apple; you had your shot and you lost. I’ve also been noticing more and more Chromebooks with business-only features such as full-sized numeric keypads. Among those are the latest HP Chromebook 15 and the Acer Chromebook 715. These are meant for accountants using QuickBooks online, not kids working on their homework.

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