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Why ‘ambient computing’ is just a marketing buzzword (for now)

By June 15, 2019Newsletters

Suddenly, everybody’s talking about ambient computing. I blame Intel, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Ambient computing is real. It’s the next megatrend in computing.

Ambient means “in the air” or “present on all sides” or “all around us.” To interact in an “ambient computing” context means to not care and not even necessarily know where exactly the devices are that you’re interacting with.

When IoT devices and sensors are all around us, and artificial intelligence can understand human contexts for what’s happening and act accordingly and in our interests, then ambient computing will have arrived.

In the past, computing existed inside a computer, which you saddled up to and consciously used. In the future, connected computing devices will be all around us, and we’ll always be interacting with them, even when we don’t know or think about it.

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