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Taking advantage of VOIP (Voice-over-IP) to save big for Home and Business

By September 9, 2018Blog, Services

“Land-Line” is going away… VOIP is here to stay

About $30 bucks and some know-how =

Lets Face it, Land-lines are older technology, that seem to carry a “Premium” price due to all the regulation, and having to be provided by one or two different service providers (Cox and Century-link) for example.

Sure there are services out there like Ooma, Skype etc… but they still have a monthly fee.

To those that wonder what VOIP is, its basically the ability to use an internet connection to provide phone calls.  If you have a fairly stable internet connection, your probably a good candidate for VOIP.  In my case, I dont hardly every use the phone, and typically end up using my cellular almost exclusively.  Certain things are nice about having the “Land-Line” such as “Receiving” faxes, (if you still do that) security alarm systems, gate controllers etc.. still utilize this technology.  However, its very easy in most cases to “retrofit” a simple VOIP ATA/FXS device to do the same chores.  Here are some very basic steps one needs, in order to get VOIP going in their business or home.

  1. Buy a VOIP ATA/FXS like this:  Grandstream Single Port FXS for only $29
    For a one-time purchase you can own the FXS module to serve an active phone line to your household or business.  (Larger versions are available, for multiple incoming lines etc.. / business use).
  2. There are literally thousands of SIP providers to choose nowadays, so get ready to see some crazy pricing, plans, and offers.  If you need help with this, call us.  My bill for my home is roughly $3-$4 monthly!  And most of those are probably robocalls, or the occasional calling home to Mom.  🙂
  3. Wire or plugin to your existing system/wiring to spread the same dial-tone to the entire home/business.  Its that EASY! (in general).

Bottom line:  For what many people pay for in 1 month, you can actually buy equipment, and service your phones easily and reduce your phone bills by over 50% or more.  Absolute Central Technologies Inc.  uses these money saving alternatives to provide better sound, clarity, and reduce overhead in nearly every business.  (Sales pitch coming….) SO what are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can explain further, and start saving today.

Seriously, if your like many others, this maybe a great way to have the comfort of another phone nearby, and have minimal monthly costs.  I hardly use my phone, and it is sometimes in the order of $1.90 on my billing.  I remember previously, paying $25-$34 just to have basic service, that I never used.  Well its good to know there is another alternative to just having a cellular phone.

If you need a solution for your home, or business give us a call.  Here are some money saving examples of what we have saved with other customers.

10 phone within business, and 2 outside “home” users.  Previously paid $540
Now they get 12 phones, plus voice recording, and other needed features for only $185

Home user1: Spends about $24 dollars a line for analog (regular phone line) through their local provider
one-time of $30  // and now a monthly bill of around $3

Business2:  Has 15 Incoming lines using a T-1
Now spends around $745 > Now pays about $250

Examples: vary greatly, because some of our customers actually are USING VOIP now.. but they are not taking advantage of better equipment, nor keeping up with technology changes.  Example, if you have a 3 year old VOIP system, its probably costing you 2x too much!


For a FREE analysis, (We just want to ask how many phone lines, phones) to see if we can save you money, and give you a better sounding phone as well!  With HD technology, its less expensive, and works better.

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