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How Old is Your Router?

By September 18, 2018Blog

Older equipment needs the occasional “Refresh” whether its a full replacement, or updating the software inside “Firmware”. 

Routers should be checked periodically, now more than ever.   

Upgrading your Older Router can bring on the Speed necessary to make your Wireless experience great!

With all the WiFi devices we have, phones, Netflix TV, Hulu, Web Browsing, streaming music, and on and on… it seems we can never have enough bandwidth.  Tired of “Buffering” while trying to watch your favorite show?

Me too!  thats why it makes sense to review how old is your router?  Not only will you probably see a remarkable improvement in overall speed, you can bet its probably much more secure.  Lets face it, with IOT “Internet of Things” hackers are taking full advantage of older devices, to spy on, hack, and steal information.  Speed upgrading is definitely a major plus, but pales in comparison to the safety of your identity and family.  At Absolute Central , we often recommend equipment to do both provide additional speed, and security.  Simply ask for a recommendation and our consultants will happily suggest alternatives, and address concerns.  Consultation is FREE to ask, so do it!  Don’t suffer Identity theft, or lack the speed… Buffering Please Wait…..   necessary to watch all your favorite shows.  🙂

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