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Considering Managed Services?

By September 6, 2018Blog

Its difficult at times to determine whether you should go with an MSP or simply manage it yourself.

Lets face it, Managed Services are expensive right?  Well it doesn’t have to be.  For example if you look at all the worries, and hassles of computer ownership in business.  Owners and Managers can identify which computers…or which part of the problem they loath.  Here are some examples of how you can avoid expensive monthly costs, by simply asking for what you need.

  1. Avoid doing tedious work on computers, especially on business hours!  Why or why, would you place your valued time and energy into making sure all your computers are updated to the latest specs, firmware, or patched to the latest ongoing security changes!  Whether you have only two computers, or a handful, of computers, you should at least get rid of this time consuming monster.  Most businesses owners, tend not to perform these tasks routinely enough to be safe, nor do they like doing it.  I mean lets face it, go home, spend time sitting at each station, or just watching the forever rebooting of system after system is not only boring, but I’m sure you can think of better time spent elsewhere?  Perhaps customer relations, closing that big deal, or simply planning your next money making move (rather than waste time, you can never get back…).
  2. Anti-Virus software:  This is typically pretty decent and easy to perform on your own, however have you considered maybe its not as effective as it should be?   Each year one should spend a decent time educating, and configuring the software to perform its duties, to maximize protection across their network.  Are you actually responding to a threat as it happens?  ex: if the secretary opens a document file, and it starts installing “Crypto-Locker” will you know about it?  are you even going to react?  Most owners are doubtful, and don’t have a plan of action together to stop such a problem.  Outsource the 24/7 monitoring of this, because again its easier, and probably cheaper than even spending 1 hour per month just “Checking”.
  3. Many services are now “Bundled” such as Absolute Care to provide several services that lower your overall overhead, not only saving you money, but also, having to help your own staff members with software, help desk support, installing or reinstalling software.  These mundane chores can be performed much more effectively and quickly if you have a “trained” staff of personnel do this for you each month.  (This may see “Optional”, but take advantage of the services).  Get your value worth.  Examples can include, hey guys could you teach our new employee how to use XXX resources, or maybe how to effectively print documents from our network settings?  or Maybe setup a users email on their mobile devices, or just get them up and running.  Your time is important, and its probably best spent on more important matters.
  4. Have a “Network Evaluation” performed routinely.  This is typically a FREE service, that provides owners and managers alike, with information to help guide the decision making on ongoing expenses.  Whether its Computer related, or Telephone Related, or effectively optimizing the method or how they do business, it all comes down to having a good consultant, provide information to make that decision easier, and with facts to consider.  No contracts should be signed unless absolutely necessary (In today’s market every business owner should avoid long-term contracts if possible)  this will keep your Managed Services Provider honest, hardworking, and fighting to keep your business.  With so many choices in services and technology, its difficult to make a choice.

Consider speaking to a professional computer consultant, and get advise on some of the chores you can get rid of in your organization.  It not only will save you money “Long Term” it will keep you focused on doing what you do best!  Let a Managed Services Team take away your hassles, while consider how much time and money its worth.  In our organization here at Absolute Central, we always feel, that if we cannot ROI “Return on Investment” our clients, then why would they need us?  We constantly improve our service offerings to not only exceed security standards, but we also provide an ever evolving process of “Automatically” implementation of the latest price reduction, and better performing technology available, at no additional cost to our clients.  Bringing value to businesses, can ultimately ONLY be the decision of a business owner, or administrator that actually knows the “Pain” and frustration of doing business.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Anti-Virus Software version, or updates are they good enough?
  • Backing up my data, are we sure the backups actually work?
  • If someone steals our computer, will they have access to our files, will we be able to recover without the physical server?
  • If my computer crashes, do i loss everything?  or just have to reload things?  or do I have to reload all my programs too?!
  • I have NOT reviewed our technology lately in several months or years… am i getting the most for my money?
  • Will I be able to handle the latest program made for my version of Windows or Mac?
  • Do I have the time to deal with emergencies like these?
  • And of course…. On and On…

In summary, determine your pain points, and ask to fix only those to keep costs under control.  You may not need everything, but maybe you only need a few services that will pay for itself right away!

  “Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

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