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Business WiFi for Home Users…. Of Course!

By September 22, 2018Blog

Business WiFi is typically better, faster, and more secure. Its actually less expensive at times.  Lets do a quick comparison…

Its not uncommon for our Home clients, to approach us with questions about having a great WiFi system in their home.  Vendors and products such as Google WiFi, Netgear Orbi,  the list goes on and on…

My opinion is if your going to invest in mass produced consumer level devices, then consider “REAL” business class instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also an avid Costco consumer, but as I browse the shelves I see nothing of value in most of the electronic devices offered off the shelves.  Its seems like some of these “combination” access points sometimes in groups of 2 or 3.. are priced $300-600!  Seriously?   I would not hesitate to get a Ubiquiti USG or Edge Router (UniFi Security Gateway) that is easier to manage, and more secure.  Plus it has been what I like to call “Battle Tested” in extreme conditions, business, and has a great reputation to back it.  Here is a simple example of getting more for your money.


  •  USG about $99
  • UniFi AP Pro $150 x 2 = $300

SO… for about $400 you can have AMAZING coverage, of your estate, or smaller home/business.  Not to mention it has better features, and flexibility.  Learn more, give us a call to discuss your project.  YES good advise it Free 🙂

Read more about this at our website:WIRELESS MADE EASIER on our webpage.

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