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Are you ready to cut your phone bill in half?

By September 7, 2018Blog



Absolute Central has partnered up with Grand Stream to help Connect the World!
Today we wanted to go over one of our favorite money savings services we offer to help businesses, cut their overhead significantly.

Sure it may sound like a regular sales pitch, but consider it anyways.  So far to date NOT ONE bill has EVER even come close to the services/product offered by our company.

The value is not just in the services, its the product as well.  Test driving,  Function Testing,  Putting all products through rigorous testing, we perfect the combination of feature rich, high quality voice, that seems to be long gone, since everyone is now used to cellular phones!

Here is a case scenario of a typical Dental Office that we perform phone service for.  What to expect, and how quickly the ROI (Return on Investment) you get.  Now here is the secret sauce:  Everyone makes a profit, but have you actually calculated what your actually paying for your current system?   I think a fun sales approach to such a service would be “Hey I’m Robert Crossland from Absolute Central Technologies Inc., I have a FREE car to give to you today, if you just let me compare what your paying now, vs. what your currently spending”.  Maybe I’d get more interest ;).

Fact is, many savvy business owners and managers may think “Well we must be getting good prices, because we are all ready using VOIP”.  Wrong! with todays PBX pricing and reliability, its almost a “no-brainer” to seriously consider managed VOIP or just outright ownership of the equipment.  The next example will highlight before and after with traditional AND your CURRENT VOIP services.


  • Voice Quality: Using High Definition protocols built right into our phones
  • Faxing Built In: Whether you have your own Fax machine, or need a built in system, (Web Browser accessible) its built right into the system
  • Multiple Locations: Take a phone home, of to another office location, branch etc.. No problems
  • Software/Soft phones built in: You don’t even need to purchase a phone, just use your cell phone with a FREE app.  Or a backup extension if you leave the office
  • IVR / Interactive Voice Reception / Menu Options: Have nearly unlimited options, with “Your Caller Number XXX” or “just say the name of the party your trying to reach”
  • Long Distance Calling: ANY NUMBER in the Continental 50 States / CANADA is inclusive in our basic pricing structure.  Or pay .001 “less than a penny for each additional minute”
  • International Calling: Protection of International calling with security codes, or simply disallowing it, to stop potential abuse
  • Recording Phone Calls: Built Right into the system, use ANY common USB Drive, or SD card to record, or even store onto a server for easy call reviews and quality training.
  • Equipment Pricing: LOWEST in the industry!  for as low as $240 you can easily buy a PBX to get things going.
  • Telephone Prices: You can buy phones for 60-80 for basic phones!  and upto $150 for business high-end phones
  • ONE-TIME INSTALLATION PRICING: Typically takes hours to get setup vs. Days with traditional rewiring etc…
  • Ongoing Monthly Phone Bills: Varies, but typically from 50-65% savings!  NO KIDDING
  • Support and Maintenance: Included in system installation, or ongoing maintenance.  If your an MSP client this is typically included in your MSP Program “Absolute Care” check into this for FREE ongoing support, even after the warranty is up!
  • Multi-Use Equipment: Now you can easily add WiFi or Cameras to the existing system WITHOUT the added expense or headaches of fancy controllers.

Interested?  Just signup here:  “Mention this BLOG and receive 10% off your LABOR!”

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