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Has Microsoft or Google called you lately? Or is it the other way around?!

By August 14, 2018Blog

Don’t be scammed by this VERY COMMON SCAM!

It never ceases to amaze me how often our walk-in customers tell us the story that is similar to this…

Customer has an issue and initiates a call to Microsoft or Google about a “Pop-Up” that comes up on their systems “Task Bar”.  It indicates that their “Google” drive space is full, or they are having a particular “Sync” issue.  The client is typically provided with an 800-number to contact the company to resolve this issue.  After the client calls, (expecting to reach the well know vendor), they are guided into “Remote” control help by one of their technical workers.  STOP HERE DON’T DO IT! …..

As we look behind the scenes we can take a closer look.  The reality of this story is, something is definitely more than meets the eye.  In our scenario our poor victim has already found themselves a victim of a “Drive-by” malware, probably from casual surfing, or research that surfaced a cleaver, realistic, system prompt, one that looks exactly like a “Windows System” prompt.  The pop-up was a fake of course, and probably started several hours, or even days ago.  The unique trend with this type of attack, is that it has the customer YOU… call for support!  Its easy to let our guard down, if we “Initiate” the call for help. I mean,  one tells themselves “I called them” so it should be OK right?  Don’t be fooled into calling fake technical support!  Ask to call them if you can call them back at another number, or google their support number if you can.  In most cases Microsoft and Google, will seldom want, or ask to remote into your desktop to fix your computer.  (ITS A liability issue, and they don’t commonly practice this at “Consumer Level” support).  Unfortunately the common person will be taken advantage of.  Don’t be a victim!  Listen to that voice in your head, that warns of something not as it seems, because its probably RIGHT!

The horrible truth, is once they get you on the phone they start by telling you how your Anti-Virus, and protection software is inadequate, or maybe even compromised.  They will try to “FIX” it up, or perhaps plant a virus/ransomware to demand money if you don’t willingly participate in their scam.  Unfortunately, people succumb to this type of scam ALL THE TIME.  So please be on high alert if ANYONE wants access to your computer that you don’t know.  We offer FREE advise or suggestions on anyone that has any problems, whether it be pop-ups, or just want to get a second opinion.  Exercise vigilance and don’t hesitate to give us a call, and don’t be victim.


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