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Absolute Care Adds New Service Offerings AGAIN this August

By August 12, 2018Blog

August 15, 2018 Marks yet another milestone for Managed IT Services through Absolute Care.  We are enhancing and providing more value, security to our Managed Services Platform.

Additional Technologies Added to our Absolute Care System:

  • Alarm Monitoring for Residential and Commercial
    Deep Discounts from $9.99 to ANY Absolute Care Essentials or higher tier.
  • Automation/Interactive Management- Offered to both residential and commercial clients
    – Light Control (using Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus Technology)
    – Wireless and Wired Sensors for Doors,Windows, and Motion
    – Alerts via SMS/Email/Text/Apple/Android PUSH to mobile devices supported
    – Remotely Control Alarms, lights, Entry, Safety Features
    – Manage Punch in times for timeclocks to “See” who is actually doing so.
    – Get intellegent reminders of Alarm not being set “on-time” or temperature warning if the walk-in freezer or door is left open.
    – Automatically adjust temperature of AC/Heater units if occupants are gone in certain areas. (Big Money Saver HERE)
  • We are now an Authorized Fieldprint partner: Whats that?  well we perform FBI level fingerprinting and background checks.  We are setting appointments daily, to help screen healthcare workers, teachers, government agents, and security personnel. Check our more here:
  • Affordable and easy video on the cloud.  Our partnership with makes video access and “recording on the cloud” so easy.  Access this instantly from your mobile phone, computer or tablet devices

Nobody in this day and age, should be paying for alarm monitoring without benefiting from all the perks of automation.  ESPECIALLY if it is included FREE with our services!

If you are already a client of Absolute Care, please call for this amazing upgrade to help manage your business better through Interactive Automation!  If your already paying for alarm services, we can probably upgrade you for FREE!  Give us a call, or request a Business Review from our team, so we can go over this, and other cost saving features of Absolute Care.

Here’s a brief story how we saved our client THIS MONTH $280 and improved his IT Technology! and this is VERY TYPICAL BUSINESS OWNERS!

We recently had one of our “Break/Fix” non-members finally come out of contract and discuss getting a new phone system offering.  As you know VOIP communications can be a great money saver, however even the best technology and services drop in price… year after year.  One of the benefits of becoming a client of “Absolute Care” is that we always adjust our service offerings to included the best “proven” technology to our clients so they can have the peace of mind, of an advocate looking out for their best interest.

In our example, this month we have a client using services for phones approximately 10 handsets, pay a popular service provider (8×8).  We where able to drop their monthly bill by saving them on the following bills:

EXAMPLE for August 2018..

Phone/VOIP:  $523 > $340 SAVINGS!
Alarm System “Basic” $34 Monthly >  2Gig Automation Alarm System $29 (includes VIDEO &      Reporting of employee entry/exit w/locks and environmental AC control)

FYI: The electricity bill will drop about $35 Bucks just this month alone. (Based on Kw savings per charge from APS)

Benefits to our Company
-Managed Services “Essentials” – Our client is now able to get our “Essentials” program which offers Anti-Virus/Malware/Network Protection. They now save by not having to buy any protection software and now have a managed helpdesk team to help with their business IT needs w/24 hour monitoring.  @$180

-Additional Home Security Alarm: Of course they loved the system so much they decided to do the same for their residential plan, which actually cost even less at $19 monthly

Summary: Our Client is now enjoying the best technology, security, and protection WITHOUT having to pay out of pocket.  

We do this all the time, and with our existing clients, we don’t stop there.  We typically review technology at least 1 or 2 times per year with our existing clients, however if you see the value of this new service please dont hesitate to call us right away for your adjustment. Our team cant wait to save you money and provide superior service to you.

Thanks for allowing us to share some of the new features of “Absolute Care”

Please visit our website at for details and products.

Also our new security forcused sit at:


Some additional features that will be updated and already rolled out in 3rd quarter to all existing clients of Absolute Care:

  • Improved Anti-Virus engine for managing our clients even better.  We are now able to deploy and react to various emergencies faster through our new higer speed portal.
  • Easter Egg Offer #1 only found on this letter:  If your reading this, here are two deals, that are amazing!  Our newsletter readers probably skim through this missing the value we can bring, so since your so amazing here it is.  Offer1: Brand New 2Gig Alarm System w/Automation for just like this one with 1 Keyfob / 3 door_window sensors/1 motion detector, and the main Z-Wave compatible controller panel for only $349  (Retail is over $675).
  • Easter Egg Offer#2 only found here: if your phone bill is NOT VOIP i guarantee you I can probably save you over 40% off  your monthly recurring charges!  I’ll buy you a steak dinner if i cant deliver! (Just let me review your phone bill, and get better service w/monthly savings)
  • We recently deployed a new “Cyber Security Training System” for our clients.  This works by providing detailed reports on how your employees are handing fake emails/phishing scams.  This is typically done by sending your employee’s test emails to see how they react to potential scams.  Protection starts from within the organization, so please setup your appointment to get your employees this FREE Training (Free training is for Managed Services Clients using Absolute Care MSP)
  • We have partnered up with Additional Cloud providers, to bring the best security, hosting, and technology to our clients.
  • We are happy to report, that we have had ZERO breaches, and protected every computer under Absolute Care for Over TWO YEARS using our software partners!  Contact us to learn how we can protect you as well.

Rather than tell you about all our services, we can simply show you instead. Here’s how easy it is.  NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Here Is a List of Video Links to help get you caught up on most of the offerings that will save and protect your business.

(View our 1 minute video series from our YouTube channel).  Get 50% off your first month, if you decide to try out Absolute Care.

  1. Absolute Care Device Management –
  2. Sentinel –
  3. Amazing Help Desk –
  4. Business Continuity –
  5. Cyber Security –
  6. Rapid Recovery –
  7. Software Services –
  8. Custom Services –

If you’re already part of Absolute Care, Thank You and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further issues or concerns.

Visit our  website at: for more great information and other Business Technology Tips. Have a great Week!

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