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Why do I need so many passwords?!?

By February 9, 2018July 25th, 2018Blog

Why Do I need so many passwords?

There is no doubt that Passwords and management of those passwords are a big pain in the rear.  While one website requires a symbol, another may requires 14 characters and then your bank requires 10 characters, four digit PIN number and the answer to a secret question. Overwhelmed, we grow complacent and compensate by “Keeping it Easy” right? I mean most typically use maybe the same three or four passwords for everything – after all, that’s more secure than one password for everything, right?!

Here’s the problem with this strategy. Let’s assume that you have a Yahoo or Gmail account, or perhaps an Amazon account and other accounts at one of the many “Big Box” retail stores. You use the same password on all of the sites, and also use it for the account you set up on the great website you found to order gift cards as client gifts – at 25% off than their normal price.  Lets say, the gift-card website gets hacked or falls victim to an attack.  Not only do these Cyber Criminals get your credit-card information, they also get their hands on a list of all of the other website’s users and even those users’ passwords.  And they publish the list either freely out on the Internet, or try and profit from selling the information AKA “The DarkWeb”.

Don’t be a victim, use strong passwords, and use two-factor authentication if available.  Managed Service Providers like us, provide SSO (Single Sign-on) using at least two-factor authentication portals to help secure passwords.  This service effectively allows a user to use a strong password, coupled with SMS/App generated passwords for lets say 30 seconds.  In other words if someone compromises your password, they would have to also have access to your authentication account.  While this is not impossible to circumvent, it certainly helps keep security tighter than just using a single password.  Here are a few passwords that made the top 100.  (We will only list the TOP 25, but feel free to link to the rest of the “100 Worst Passwords List”for 2017.

For the complete list of 100, head over to Spashdata’s official page. (Link was broken, but thanks to Anna its here for your viewing pleasure).

Overall Security is ultimately how your business will benefit from Cyber Thieves.  Ask for a free Cyber Security Consultation by just contacting us!  Its FREE and Confidential, and will empower you to make the necessary changes yourself, or with our help.

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