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Simple Rule on Security: Anything Man can Make, Man can Break

By November 23, 2017Blog

“Anything Man Can Make, Man Can Break”

If we viewed businesses as levels based on their network security, how would you rate yours?

If you’re a level 0 you can easily deploy basic countermeasures, and inexpensively protect yourself from at least the most basic of hacking attempts and establish basic network security right?  Sure.. Your company may not demand the highest security rating of 10, however, you do want to feel safe from at least the majority of the attacks.  Let’s look a few easy measures, we insist our clients have in order to even maintain their network.  If you’re not already our client, you can at least look over your network to ensure you have decent protection to protect your business.

Reporting: Your managed network should have historical, or routine review for issues such as new security logons created, Banned IP addresses, and periodic review of resources to ensure a stable safe network environment.

Anti-Virus / Malware:  Of course! This is absolutely necessary to not only have this but how long has it been since you reviewed how effective your protection is against all the newborn threats?

Managed or Un-Managed:  Both are still viable options, however proactive networking has many more advantages, and is “PROACTIVE” which we find is much more economical in the long-term.  If you’re not sure if managed services are something you’re willing to undergo, then think again.  The price and effectiveness of proactive networking are definitely a must if you consider the benefits vs. just paying the repair/replacement bill next time something goes wrong.  A quick conversation or evaluation (Typically offered FREE) can be used to help make this decision easier.

If a hacker gets into your data with a “Crypto Locker” Style ransomware will you be able to recover quickly?  or are your data backups spotty?  Who has checked your backups lately, is this on a routine to actually check the data, and review that backups are indeed successful?  Hopefully, this responsibility is not assumed.

Network Security is constantly evolving, and hacking is much easier on older “Exploitable” equipment than you think.  How long has it been since you updated that “Firmware” on your router to ensure it is up to the latest protective standards.  Even if it is the latest release version, is someone capable of letting you know if or when an attack is in progress?  Unless you’re already paying for a subscription that keeps your devices current (At least weekly) your probably at risk.  With a subscription, you still have to have a competent person analyze, or review this information for abnormalities right?  Ensure this task is routinely checked, and better yet, have a managed provider provide “24/7” live indications and warnings live as the events occur.

Met the following requirements above already?  Congradulations!  You might be a level 4-5 now!  The point is, even if you’re a level 10, you’re still vulnerable, because, as the title says.. Anything a Man can Make… A Man Can Break.


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