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Accepting Payment Cards in Small Business: The Risks can be Big

By November 2, 2017Blog

Accepting Payment with PCI DSS Compliance

Do you know if your cardholder data is secure?

Accepting payment cards – like credit cards and debit cards – is all but required in business today. But the cards come at a cost, and not just in transaction fees. Anyone who accepts payment cards has to follow rules to protect cardholder data. The rules are called PCI DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The rules in PCI DSS are specific. They require merchants to install a firewall, test their security, and take other steps to protect cardholder data. Failing to comply can force a small business to pay higher transaction fees. Many business owners don’t even realize that they are already paying these higher rates. If hackers break into a business network and steal cardholder data, the costs in PCI DSS penalties can spiral out of control:

✓ Fines up to $100,000 per month
✓ Even higher transaction fees
✓ Breach containment costs
✓ Data forensic investigation costs
✓ Security audit costs

Many small businesses are forced to close after a breach due to these costs and others that pile on. Do you know if you are PCI DSS compliant? Do you know if your cardholder data is secure? If not, then your organization may be a mouse-click away from a financial disaster. IT Service for Simple PCI Compliance PCI DSS compliance is easy with the right partner. You need an IT provider who understands the rules, someone with the skills and expertise necessary to protect your organization so you can achieve compliance pain-free. Contact us today for a free PCI DSS consultation. You’ll see how easy compliance can be.

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