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Small Business is a Big Target for Cybercrime

By October 19, 2017Blog

Small Business Owners = Big Target for Cybercrime

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Small business owners used to have to watch for thieves who worked at
night and carried a crowbar. Today, they are under attack by criminals on
computers that are thousands of miles away.
Many attacks on small businesses are done with malware. First, the
malicious software lands on a computer at the business. Then it quietly
gathers data, such as credit card information, and sends it secretly to
thieves over the internet.
Once a thief has the data, he can quickly turn it into cash. He can sell it on
the black market or he can make purchases and phony credit cards.
The end result is the same: the business’ bank accounts are emptied, and the thief never even sees the building.

Your business is a target
The news headlines are filled with cyber attacks on big retailers. But small
businesses are far more likely to be hacked. Why? Because most have
almost no network security. They are an easy payday for thieves.
Two out of three data breaches last year hit small businesses

1. An astounding 96% of successful attacks on payment card systems hit small businesses
2. It’s undeniable: small businesses are a prime target for hackers.

1. Source: Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report.
2. Source: Visa 2010 Franchise Data Compromise Trends and Cardholder Security Best Practices

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