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Hidden Treasure within

By September 7, 2017September 18th, 2017Blog

“Hidden Treasure”

Free Technical Evaluation leads to monthly savings for business owners

How we often find “Hidden Treasure” inside a server room. Examples will include “Modems” that have been provisioned, and being paid for, Telephone lines, that are no longer utilized, or maybe even carrier’s equipment that is still hooked up, and abandoned long ago, while the client is unaware or scared to do something about it. They might “Assume” that it’s what they have, but we see this problem time and time again. If Businesses would just take a moment to assess what they have been paying on, they could be saving money each and every month! In a recent case, we provided IT Managed Support for a Small Construction Company that employs roughly 40. After we took over their IT services, we conducted one of our FREE audits that we perform once during the Onboarding process. Interestingly enough we asked for their telephone/Internet billing to reveal that they have been paying outrageous amounts for nearly 10 years! We quickly brought this to their attention and handled 100 percent of all the calls to their vendor, and verified the Billings. In short, we ended up saving our client over $450 monthly for a T1 that had been unutilized for several years. In another scenario, we have done the same thing to “Reduce” services and increase their Internet Data Pipe for less than they ever paid before. This is yet another good example of why businesses should never grow complacent and take advantage of an expert review of utilities, and management of your IT. There are Many Service Providers that provide these services for FREE. We cannot speak for other Managed Service Providers; however, we go the extra mile and make sure our clients are getting the best deal from ALL their IT. This includes a routine review of your “Technology” among other things like “Penetration Testing” on your Router, Security and Network Audits etc… If you not using Absolute Care for your IT needs, then please get someone to take a look. In a large percentage of cases, we have saved our clients enough monthly, it actually paid for nearly every service we offer! Imagine that. “Arrrgh! you might have hidden treasure in Dar Server Rooms Matey!” For a FREE review, Network Audit, or an honest Managed Services Partner for your Company you can trust us to go the extra mile, and deliver that hidden treasure.

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