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Growing Threats in Cyber Security

By September 21, 2017Blog, Services

Growing Threats in Cyber Security

“A Few Questions to ask yourself may save you from disaster”

In 2014 60% of all cyber-attacks targeted companies with less than 250 employees. In 2012. There were only 31%. This increase may be due to the fact that some of the attackers assume that small business owners may have less money to implement security, so they would be weaker in a better Target than larger companies. Securing your business data against even the simplest personal devices used for work requires a firm understanding of complicated systems that keep your organization working well. Moreover, with the rise of the public Cloud security extends beyond your corporate Network as many of your services are now run elsewhere. Absolute Central Technologies utilizes cloud service providers that take extra measures in security to meet the stringent demands of HIPAA compliance as well as other security compliance. Despite this, the behavior of the employee/worker Still Remains the weakest point when it comes to security threats and vulnerabilities. Protecting your business assets may be as simple as utilizing software that prevents The Accidental or intentional destruction of your data. Utilizing services utilizing services like Absolute Care helps prevent daily threats that implant users come into contact each and every day.

Having a good security strategy is important in the prevention of cyber attacks. A few questions that should be answered are:

  • What happens if an unauthorized person gets access to your server, is this action or application documented?
  • What activities represent a threat to your networks such as Services, theft, alteration, deletion, or public exposure?
  • How long will it take your business to recover following an actual cyber attack on that service?
  • It’s not a question of if, but when you’re attacked what will you do to ensure your business is safe and recoverable?

On average, it takes over 46 days for an organization to recover from a Cyber-attack, so it is important to evaluate the risk of any and all threats.

A good step is to write down your internal policies, select and implement the safeguards that protect those policies, and protect your organization from the established procedures to respond to those security incidences immediately. It is recommended to consult with a security expert at the stage to help you evaluate and to provide potential legal concerns to identify the right tool to deploy and the start documentation in conformance too many security Audits and policy.

Since technology is consistently evolving and Cyber Crimes Evolves just as quickly, the person or persons you appoint may likely be the key to success or failure for your cybersecurity prevention. By utilizing managed services, we provide security experts in identifying and logging all security attempts conducting an audit, penetration testing, routine reporting in order to make the identification and prevention of hacking and cyber-crimes.  Proper documenting trends and processes can also lead to securing, mitigating any legal or potential fines.  Protecting your business is a continuous task that should be performed not just once a year but throughout the year as technology and security concerns grow.

If you have a network security concern or would like an evaluation to determine your risk exposure to cyber-attacks, don’t hesitate to ask Absolute Central to provide you with your security analysis.  We can provide comprehensive reporting to help expose weakness, and provide a roadmap for future security concerns.

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