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Are you ready to save money from your phone bills?

By August 9, 2017Blog, Newsletters

If you’re not already using VOIP in your business you’re probably paying too much.

Replacing that old dinosaur of a phone system is actually easier than it sounds.  With some of the new features of modern day PBX/Phone systems, it’s no wonder why going high tech is easy.  

Here are some new features you can come to expect with an updated business phone system.

Basic Benefits:

  • Lower Overall Cost of Phone System vs. Yesteryear
  • Real Choice of Providers for your phone lines/SIP trunks (typical savings of over 50%)
  • Flexible On-Premise or “Cloud” Remote hosted
  • Choice of phones systems to dramatically reduce initial expense and beautify your phone using color display screens

Lower Overall costs:   some things haven’t changed much since the beginning where you spent nearly a fortune for your old phone system versus today’s feature rich offerings. In the past you might have spent well into the $10,000 to $30,000 range on your phone system, however, today a more powerful technology can be had at $3000 to $8000 typically serving several end points (or phone user extensions).   Although price varies greatly on ongoing maintenance, installation, wiring and other factors,  it’s safe to say that overall equipment costs are a fraction of what they used to be.

Real Choice of Providers:   when it comes to VOIP, SIP providers are typically used in order to reduce your phone bills versus traditional POTS lines or (plain old telephone service).  When it comes to SIP providers, there are several options available throughout the entire world. Where once you only had a choice between a local Telecom provider, you now have a choice among literally hundreds if not thousands of vendors that support SIP Trunks and Telecom for your modern-day PBX. due to the vast choices and selection, one can easily find a quality sip provider for a very competitive price versus traditional telecom company provisioned lines that tend to be of much higher cost. Overall this is good news for consumers and businesses alike.  We can easily choose the desired quality, and service offered to meet your needs.   In the event that you may become unhappy,  you could simply go shopping for a provider that will better meet your needs.

Flexible On-Premise or “Cloud” Hosted:  The question one must face today on choosing a good PBX system is whether you decide to host the telephone system “In-house”, or “Cloud”.  There are typical benefits of doing one over the other. For example if one was to host their PBX on-premise it would be able to handle a multitude of calls within the company or perform intra-company Communications much more efficiently than voice over IP hosted services which would technically leave the building, traverse throughout the internet, then returned back into the facility in order to communicate with the extension located near you or even next to you. This can come as a surprise to those that don’t realize how much  internet bandwidth can be consumed throughout this process. Looking toward Cloud hosting or remotely hosting your PBX,  one may carefully consider having ample internet bandwidth in order to sustain the amount of employed extensions that your company utilizes. In order to remain of decent quality.  Because VOIP users typically share the same internet bandwidth with computer/data systems, it’s important to pay particular attention to the Quality of Service, or QoS of your phone system integration.  This will determine greatly on how your internet or SIP trunk performs during use.  Consulting with a network engineer, to make adjustments is highly recommended before you proceed.

Choice Systems and phones:  One of the greatest features of modern day  VOIP telephone systems might be the fact that various systems can now be produced and operated using software instead of actual “Circuit Board” Hardware.   The competitive nature of various VOIP telephone systems can easily be virtualized, hosted on premise, or easily use online services like Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud to host your new telephone system environment. By using the flexibility of modern day technology you can easily migrate or even have a backup system (Failover) in place in case of imminent failure.  As far as phone hardware goes not much has changed on that end except more buttons are available programmable to do nearly anything you want.  This includes speed dialing, call recording, or any other feature at the touch of a button. Of course many phones that display images in full color also may be capable of video conferencing directly to the employee connection using services like Skype or other online collaboration or video software. Many other features are the ability to receive SMS texting or internal company message collaboration all within a private company communication network. This includes desktop phones, cellular phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Additional Benefits:  There are so many features, and topics not mentioned in this blog, however, explore the vast potential and features yourself.  Although we may not cover all the additional benefits. you can always contact us or inquire on some of the added  features and improvements versus what you’re currently using for phones. Some of these topics would include software application support that allows you to utilize your existing cellular phone in conjunction with your business phone system.  Other features include built-in messaging, video conferencing, as well as the ability to record conversations and tightly integrate API interfacing with several databases and CRM programs. Please feel free to reach out anytime to discuss this or any other matters pertaining to PBX phone systems or voice over IP for your business.  

Please feel free to reach out anytime to discuss this or any other matters pertaining to PBX phone systems or voice over IP for your business.  

Indeed the landscape of modern-day telephone  systems and services are vast and plentiful. As you can see Many modern-day systems also include features that are not so telephone like such as video teleconferencing, texting, interoffice database communication, open API development, video security cameras and many other Nifty add-ons.   One of our latest integrations included a Charter School scenario deployment in which we tightly integrated all these types of features including entry control devices and attendance among the vast choices and features.   Are you interested yet?   If so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and take advantage of a free consultation that we will happily provide to make sure you are client have all the facts to make this decision making process easier.

Are you interested yet?   If so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and take advantage of a free consultation that we will happily provide to make sure you are client have all the facts to make this decision-making process easier.


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