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The Perils of Email Spam

By July 22, 2017July 31st, 2017Blog

The Perils of Email Spam

(Junk mail and how to control it)



Customer: “Help, I am getting Spam in my email and my spam filter is on”

Most of us have been in this situation before and have wondered how to address it.  As with most things education is the key.  The Best Example would be to create 2 email accounts:

  • 1 primary email account
  • 1 junk email account

You set both email accounts up on the same domain or they can be separate domains it does not matter.  What does matter is that you setup the two accounts and use them both as they are intended.  I would suggest that when you sign up for things that are not significantly important for you (like say for example: signing up for a mailing list to get a discount) – it is suggested you use the junk email account.  You would probably want to give your primary email account to your family members.


Customer: “Wait, I want those newsletters or I want to see those emails from that store I got the discount at”


Keep track of the user name and password of the junk email account.  You can sign into via your web browser and view the emails from there.

As for your primary email account, I would recommend that you set up a local email client on your computer that is tied to your primary email account.  This is where you will receive your important emails.  I suggest the local client route as some of the more popular ones have additional spam filters.  Most email providers provide some spam filtering but none are perfect.  The email client spam filter provides an additional line of defense.  But first and foremost is knowledge of where and how to use your primary and junk emails.

  • Primary email account – Local Email Client (installed software on your PC)
  • Junk email account – Use Browser to Access over the Web you can and delete emails

No system is perfect, but we can try and control this aspect via education.  People will always try to come up with ways to get around systems that are put into place, but education will help us all to move forward.

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