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Easy Way to Keep Your Computers Cool During the Summer Heat

By June 27, 2017July 15th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Keeping it cool.

Chances are your probably hot this season. Β Don’t forget your computer!

Although computers can’t complain, if they could speak they would probably ask you to cool somehow.

Summertime Heat is here: Temperatures in Phoenix Arizona are on the rise and North of 115 degrees! If you feel the heat, just think what your poor electronics feel. In general electronics should be kept as comfortable as the personnel in your home or office. Prevent premature degraded equipment by maximizing airflow orkeeping electronics cooler. You can gain both performance and reliability of your computers by following some simple steps. We often forget about how the “Electronics Feel” πŸ™‚ or often forget to pay any attention to that office server you might have tucked away in the closet or corner of the office building. Here are some helpful tips and considerations to help keep things running smoothly this hot summer.
– Use a fan to circulate and blow air around your vital equipment. Ex: modems, switches, servers, PBX systems, or in general keep air circulating with fresh cooler air if possible
– Turn off non-essential devices that may introduce additional heat to the area. Ex: Speakers, Lights, Monitors to help keep electrical costs lower and the ambient temperature
– Lower the Air Conditioning of the overall environment that your electronics are in. Unfortunately this sometimes increase the price of electricity
– Clear dust and debris from “Vents” of all equipment and computers to help increase air circulation
– Clean inside of computer chassis if possible to improve fan performance and clean/clear those heatsinks (if you dont know what that means, just call any computer tech)
– Relocate your equipment to a cooler environment to prevent premature failure from heat
– Install Fans or Exhaust for “Hot” equipment rooms and closets

These are some examples, but you get the idea, keep it cool! Your equipment will thank you later, through reliability! Have fun and be safe this Summer, Drink lots of water πŸ™‚
Disclaimer: (Computers don’t drink water, so keep the water for yourself, we are not responsible for water damage to electronic equipment.)

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