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All aboard! Our New “Home Edition” Released

By June 15, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Can you say Bargain?

Providing the best, just got better with Absolute Care Home Edition A.K.A. @home

Adding up the yearly costs for Anti-Virus and Malware prevention can cost home owners to spend a decent amount of money each year, so why not get the BEST and SUPPORT to go with it?

Perfect for existing business clients that want to cover their home computers too!  Protect your daughters computer while she goes off to college, or maybe make sure your elderly mother receives the best help desk support so you don’t have to!

If one adds the cost of expenses such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Remote Control Software, Backup Software, Cleaner tools, one can agree that about 30-40 dollars are spent on each title of decent grade or quality.  This is of course not to mention the Laborious chores of performing things like, Updating software, proper patching and testing, ensuring your backups are reporting or successful.  Time after time, we have to keep software current, or deal with the shortcomings of taking care of ones PC or Mac.

Introducing “Absolute Care” Home Edition!  We not only provide “Full Version” software, but we help manage, and keep an eye out for problems before they get out of control.  Our clients enjoy all the software needed to protect their computer, while having peace of mind that experienced / Local group of techs are available.  Affordable protection, starts at only $15 per month, and comes with many benefits..

Isn’t it time to save on your software expenses, and enjoy expert care built right in?  Read more about the benefits here in this link, and don’t forget to sign-up before the price increases.  (The BETA onboarding has started, and this low price will not be guaranteed for long!)  So get on this deal today. Absolute Care “Home Edition” (Here)

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