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Don’t Feed the Phish

By May 8, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Real-Time Anti-Phishing can be Effective Against Ransomeware.

Tired of falling prey to Ransomware?
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you soon will.

Even effective endpoint management protection can fail you.  Many Anti-Virus protection software will detect ransomware, but will it actually stop it from happening?  In many cases by the time, your software attempts to , or detects the ongoing process, its already too late.  What good is knowing that you have been robbed after it happens?  The best measure is a PREVENTATIVE approach.  Although many of our clients will enjoy the upgraded Security provided by “Absolute Care”, some may have questions about the protection they currently use.  In this case please feel free to simply reply or contact our office.  We will provide a full report on the protection and level of protection we provide, along with options you can take, to get full protection for your business.

Although we try to not click on emails that scam and trick you to download the latest threats, we are often accidentally fooled by “official” looking mail from vendors we commonly use.  Tricky hackers indeed!  Remember your training, and be aware.  Of course vigilance is sometimes forgotten, so we offer training for all your business team members.  Ask us how we can help if you would like to enhance your cyber security.

Give us a call anytime!  We are here to help, and provide the best protection for our existing clients, as well as new clients.

Refer a friend and receive upto 50% off your monthly plan!

Have a safe weekend, and remember DONT FEED THE PHISH!  🙂

Robert C.

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