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Large HD Video Conference on the cheap. Any Takers?

By April 20, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Its amazing how High Definition Screens are now affordable.  Yes I mean 60″ 4K screens for under $600.  As HD screens continue the journey to Ultra High Definition, 4K Screens, which are clearly the “Standard” for nearly every screen choice in Any Big Box Store. We recently purchased a beautiful LG 60″ Screen from Costco, for nearly $600 with tax and an amazing 4year Extended Warranty!

Well now the fun for us begins.  First we will be utilizing Microsoft Skype Business Server to offer our clients Top notch Video Conference, and Instant messages.  Couple this with a Logitech or Microsoft HD Web Camera and we should be set.

Our Lab today will have the following items to provide Sharp, Durable, Stable, Video Conference Solutions for Clients that don’t want or need to spend a small fortune.  Plus you can enjoy the Next Major Sporting event with your office staff 🙂

Here is what we used:

  • 60″ LG HD 4K LED TV $600
  • Intel Micro Stick Computer w/HDMI $120
  • Logitech USB 3.0 1080P Web Camera $80
  • Using Skype for Business and “Free Conference Call” dot com $15 – Free monthly average


Results:  Wow, for the amount spent on this, we are easily able to conference in, and get an entire team placed into our Daily Meetings in the board room.  All our Remote workers can now sit down and share/plan their day with results as if they are right at the meeting table.  This of course is helpful while many of our staff are geographically located in different parts of Arizona.  We will do a follow-up on this project as things progress, but for now, we are enjoying the results and new toys offered by Skype for Business.  Voice Calls, Video Conference, Instant Messaging, among other communications offered by Microsoft.

Also we are testing “Free Conference Call” to see if this could be a simple solution for those that have more modest needs.  Check back Next week for the results!



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