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Warning: Don’t get scammed by the latest Android/FakeApp Threat

By March 8, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters


Warning: Don’t get scammed by the latest Android/FakeApp Threat

With the rise of technology, scams and viruses are also rising, along with the difficulty of
differentiating scams with real apps. The same goes with the brand new Android/FakeApp threat,
which have been recently discovered. The scam is successfully mimicking the real applications!

The Fake App malware pretends to be the real application and when downloaded, may become successful
in getting and stealing the personal information of the user.

It works by downloading configuration files of the user, to present advertisements and when
downloaded, to collect information from the compromised device.

It arrives with the names of “TuneHopper Free Fan App (com.gameguides.tunehopper)” or
“Plants vs. Zombies Free Fan App (com.gameguides.plantsvszombies) and when downloaded, it
shows the following screenshots:

There are numerous amounts of such malwares everywhere these days, and even if a small number fall prey, this typically leads to making scammers a huge amount of money and/or stealing a ton of private information. So beware, don’t fall for it. If it looks unreal, it is probably is.

Like all scams, you have to exercise a little bit of vigilance in order to keep safe in the world of technology.  Exercise caution, and look into packet inspection, active protection to provide continuous protection against scammers, for all your network devices.



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