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Effective Learning Disguised As Robots

By March 27, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Absolute Central Technologies provides support services for several Education Industries, however I think we still have some ways to go, before this becomes a replacement for humans.  Teachers fear not, I think you are safe for now.  But in 10 year, I’m not so sure 🙂

Effective Learning Disguised As Robots.

By: Sahar Shahab 

Robots have been around us for a long time and for various reasons. It is not something new for the people but its uses and new technological perspectives have always emerged in a surprising manner for the audience. Recent news announces that robots can be utilized for effective learning for children at primary level. These robots are expected to have a clear learning of a child’s psychology, their reaction towards concepts and general emotional attachment criteria too. These new robot will be named as ‘Edubots’, their features will include facial recognition, effective course outline, emotional gestures concerning children, and much more. The new idea is somehow into action; however Edubot’s outlook is still a point of concern. Some respondents were examined to further process this idea; these people suggested a design that either looks like a toddler or a smart nanny type feature. Experts still believe that Edubots have a long way to go before they can enter the learning environment.

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