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SCAM ALERT: Don’t Say Yes?

By February 14, 2017July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

incognitoSCAM ALERT: Getting a Call via voice by something sneaky can cost you.  Just lookout and be aware of this new scam.

Apparently crafty thieves are at it again.  This time they are exploiting a voice recording of your own voice to gain access to “Some” weaker security flaws in financial, or other institutions.  I’m sure this maybe only a temporary setback for some companies that choose to use this weak security measure, but I’m sure they had good intention to make “Automation” a key role in customer service delivery.  As for me, I’m ok with good O’l fashioned “one-on-one” service.

Here is how the scam works:

  • Exploiter – (Calls your home/business)
  • Exploiter – Hello… This is Suzanne.. Can you hear me?   Hello?
  • Innocent – Yes, Yes I can Hear You… Hello?
  • “CLICK”

(Next month you find out you have purchased or authorized your purchase or new credit card via voice authorization.)

Here is what is apparently happening:

Some institutions are using voice recognition or “authorization” via voice.  This weaker form of security is probably not used widely, however recently the Scam has made its way around.  Typically the Exploiter will record your own voice (In this case) the words YES, to accept delivery of a new credit card or purchase that maybe using voice authorization to make purchases, or service delivery.

Just be on the wise, if you receive this call, or at least question your vendor if you find out they use this sort of technology.  Sometimes we tend to go backwards, with modern convinces.  Keep posted on other scams and security threats on our blogs.  And have a vigilant Absolute Central day!


For a free network assessment just contact our team.  We can help in fighting phone phreaking, or scams like this, and encrypt VOIP and provide and apply best practices to your business for prevention of this sort of exploits.


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