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Tis The Season For Holiday Scams

By December 20, 2016July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters



Nothings is worse than getting scammed near the Joyous Holiday Seasons.  Keep an eye out for scams and be “EXTRA” vigilant against e-cards, charity offers, or other emails and website offers.  Don’t be fooled, by the Christmas Grinch!

  • E-Cards
  • Helping Others in Need and Bogus Charities
  • Special Deals

E-Cards Now everyone wants to see the latest e-greeting cards, they are so much fun, however please be extra “Slow” and “Careful”.  Its sometimes easy to miss the highlighted links that may take you to Russia or China, to download the latest Malware or Malicious code.  (No offense to Russia or China of course).  Please just practice “highlighting” your cursor over “Target URL’s” and Hyperlinks, and make sure your Anti-Virus and Malware Protection are up-to-date.  (It should be if your an Absolute Care Client 😉


Greetings and Bogus Charities Emails and Holiday Spirits are great times to share your generosity, however this is also the best time for thieves and scammers to take advantage of this special time of year. Please visit the “Originators” website, rather than clicking a hyperlink in your email messages.  Ex: if someone send “donate only $10 and receive a gift card for the same at” its probably best to go to your browser and search for the company offering, this way you can read the “Good and Bad” about the site.  In most cases they have already scammed, or been shut down.  Please just exercise on the side of caution.


Special Deals- As you have heard this before… “If it sounds too good to be real, It probably is…”.  If you get an offer that sounds too good to be true, well you know what to do…. Hit delete :), or if you insist please just investigate the company.  It may sound like “simple advice” but each year, we get a handful of walk-in customers that fell prey to one of these scams.


And Most of all Happy Holidays! and Merry Christmas!

If you do happen to need advice, please call us to ask.  We will happily review your offer or scam to make sure its not going to do harm to your computer.  Please contact our office for this free advice.  Have a safe and Holiday, and Enjoy your family.  For those traveling far, please take your time, and we cant wait to see you this coming new year.  Thanks for all your business, and we look forward to having one of the Best upcoming years in 2017!


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