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Absolute Care and ConnectWise Partner up leading to better quality service

By November 5, 2016July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Absolute Care: Upgrades to Internal Software leads to better customer service.

WhatAbsolute Care continues to improve by our most recent partnership with ConnectWise.  CEO Robert Crossland replied “This new software will simply streamline all our current methods, and make customer care #1, where it should be” after being asked why the company will invest in new Control, and Management software.  The entire staff agrees that All our Clients can look forward to the upcoming upgrades this coming month.  This will have a direct impact on client support by incorporating one of the leading PSA/CRM software programs available.  This software is made specifically to handle our process and lifecycle of implementation from start to finish.  We look forward to the exciting changes that will lead to better service, and an improved customer experience for all “Absolute Care” subscribers.
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Here are some of the many great changes to expect:

  • New MSP Client portal:  Please keep on the lookout for a “NEW” client portal.  We will be contacting all clients during finalization of this process
    to provide a free tutorial for all our clients, and their Point of Contact personnel.  This will be a completely different portal, and will result in better
    ticket flow and ongoing reports and support.  We are excited about the changes, and look forward to making tickets, support, and other task easier for
    our clients.
  • Expect better Project Management:  Clients will be able to better understand the tickets, notes, and “SEE” how projects are going and status.
  • Quotes and Proposals:  Expect a new look, and clear and efficient process to approve all parts and services we offer.
  • AND MUCH MORE:  We will keep you posted and provide instructional video once this process is in the final stages.

(This Upgrade will not impact your service or workflow)



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