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How to increase productivity Overnight: Using Content Management

By October 11, 2016July 9th, 2017Blog, Newsletters

Content Management? Really?

Many businesses already use such software for content management, however for those that do not, there are many choices.  I particularly like providing this type of protection at the DNS level.  Deploying at the DNS level is fast, easy, and very effective.  What does this Dollarphotoclub_46076592-214x300.jpgmeans for me? Less management and deployment hassles and an effective system that allows me to observe what everyone is doing on their PC’s.  Having a report to show what websites, and casual browsing in a network environment has its advantages.  Aside from the limiting capabilities of casual surfing (such as shopping, social networking, Facebook, Twitter, etc..) it can also identify which device in a network may be infected by viruses and malware.  This is where the value comes in.   By using content management, IT staff members are able to quickly isolate and troubleshoot infested devices, and limit its spread to resources.  This is normally monitored and notifies individuals via email, or SMS to remediate malicious code ASAP.  This has been very valuable to help contain “Ransom Ware” such as crypto locker and other variants.

Originally, content management was mostly used in the educational sector.  Mostly used for keeping younger children from surfing adult content sites or perhaps limit students’ ability to surf websites that are inappropriate.  In today’s world the same technology can be used for a fraction of the cost and deployed affordably through the business environment.  Not only protecting its workstations, but also protecting and increasing productivity as well.

Okay first of all what his content management?  Its that notification you get perhaps that warns one self, by popping up and screaming at you when you’re about to surf at the wrong web,  it may also save you from accidentally going to a malware website and clicking on things you shouldn’t.  Deploying a simple software program, like content management, can not only save your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year by reducing the amount of infections caused by viruses and malware, but it can protect your employees and worker bees from accidentally downloading malicious code.  Most of you may already know the Internet is full of surprises and because website change often, or seems legitimate doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe.

Absolute Central Technologies has recently teamed up with the good guys at Cisco to deploy a new line of defense that addresses content management at the DNS level.  What does that mean?  That means instead of loading your computer full of yet another useless software [INSERT USELESS SOFTWARE TITLE], you can instead deploy this centrally managed solution.  One great product that offers dual purposes, like Content Management and Control, to increasing your defense for Malware and Ransom Ware.  This is an idea service because now the burden of loading, updating, maintaining another desktop program is virtually gone.  DNS filtering can provide a manageable, clean, and central managed portal that easily generates reports and provides status indicators for all devices connected. “AUTOMATICALLY” no hassles.

By deploying a simple system such as DNS filtering to your computer network, one can take advantage of its benefits.  So what are you waiting for?  See how productivity can be increased substantially overnight.  If you’re reading this article please mention umbrella protection to your manage services ambassador and receive 50% off the normal installation. Or if your an Absolute Care MSP member, you get free installation.  Otherwise check into this great product, and get it for yourself.  Its on of those products that if you had to one time every couple years, it would easily pay for itself.

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