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Murphy wins again: The Backup Complacency Factor

Having the best backup software in the world doesn’t always mean the best results. As feature rich as a software can be, there is always the human factor. Even with all the bells and whistles, backup software tend to need a close attentive eye, especially for the value data backups bring to any business.

Backups are essential and worth putting the time and resources into ensuring strong data retention. To not do these things contribute to the Complacency Factor. The funny thing about complacency is that a guy named Murphy will always show up at your business the moment you drop your vigilant watch over your data backups, and claims his victory over data loss.


Whether data loss occurs to a single file or an entire server. Murphy will always win. To combat this we ensure all our managed services clients enrolled in Absolute Care are monitored daily. Our continuously monitored clients enjoy daily routine review of the last successful backups.

In addition to this, we immediately create tickets against the repair of failed backup jobs or assets. Whether our clients need us to perform managed backup services or not, we carefully review their backup needs at no cost to ensure they make the best choice.

We understand not all data is mission critical, nor needs a team to monitor backups, so in some cases the client is fully capable of doing these chores themselves. We just give our & Seal of Approval once the free review is complete.

Keep Murphy at bay, keep a close eye on those backups, and keep vigilant!

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