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Warning Signs that Your Workstation is Infected by Malware

By June 28, 2016Blog, Tips

Here at Absolute we see customers workstations every day that have been infected with software without their knowledge. You must be vigilant in ensuring they are running smoothly and Malware free.  Here are some signs your workstation may be infected.

1. Pop-Ups and Programs Starting without your knowledge

Are videos popping up on your screen from out of nowhere, or advertising saying your computer has a virus and only this pop-up can save it!  Do not fall for it, Do Not Call, Do Not Send your personal information, including Credit Card, to anyone!  It may have been infected by Mal-Ware and needs to be removed immediately. Some really bad Mal-Ware may start without your knowledge. Creating pop-up, warning and even try to get your computer to restart.  No company is going to ask for money upfront to fix viruses or mal-ware on your computer.


2. Do you see changes in your browsers homepage, toolbars and strange links on webpages?

Have noticed your homepage on your browser has changed and you do not remember changing it?  Have Toolbars been added without your consent? Has SPAM Links shown up on Website Text where it should not be? Most likely it is because your browser has been compromised.

Run a Anti-Malware scan immediately.  This should identify the real bad ones and give you options to uninstall them.

3. Workstation Crashes

The Blue Screen of Death is all too common occurrence for many PC users, but what you do not realize is that it may be a sign of Malware.


4. Slowdown

Your workstation speed may also be a sign that software is being run behind the scenes.  Which will slow down your computer performance.  Malware could be running in the background.

Let Absolute Central Technologies help you get rid of some of the worst culprits.  Contact Us Today!

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