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Would you hire Bob? Weighing the cost of Break-Fix vs. Managed Services (MSP)

By October 6, 2015November 1st, 2016Blog, Services

  would you hire bob– Bob has extensive computer IT support knowledge

– Bob works after hours at times to finish projects like updating computer systems, virus scans and never asks for compensation other than his normal wages.

– Bob constantly monitors and fixes day-to-day problems before they grow into larger more expensive issues.

– Bob works well with his co-workers to ensure everyone is productive, and keeping business running smoothly for upper management.

– Bob works on salary, equal to or about minimum wage.

– Bob buys most of the software your office uses throughout the year, like Antivirus, Microsoft Office, Backup Software, and Network Monitoring software to make it all work together. And best of all, Bob has agreed to take it out of his own salary! ** (See below for wage calculations)

Fact is it would be crazy NOT to hire Bob right? In fact you get Bob and his team of experts ready to provide you with ALL your IT needs starting at about minimum wage.

Well Good News! Bob works here at Absolute Central Technologies Inc. and he can come work for you.

questionBreak-Fix vs. Managed Services (MSP)

  • MSP offers FIXED monthly billing including all repair, and services
  • Easy monthly budgeting of IT and no surprise costs
  • Proactive maintenance vs. Break/Fix keeps things maintained and running smooth.
  • Minimize downtime and costs throughout the year
  • Get the latest technology ALL INCLUSIVE
  • Software and Hardware MSP support available
  • Bottom line: Get more for Less.. Compare to individual purchasing YOU do the math.
  • Fact proven reliability and Return on Investment
  • And best of all, If you don’t like it, Fire Bob! (no long term commitments!)
  • We are so confident about our MSP package, we provide an “Out Clause” if we can’t satisfy you!

** wages based on the following calculations ($8.05+FICA+FUTA+AZSTATEUI+WorkersComp =$9.01 per hour NO benefits= $1441.60)
using Employee Cost Calculator © 2015 Jo Landers @

Numerous benefits of Absolute Care

  • Remove the hassle of “computing billings and tickets” each month
  • Get better service, reporting, and scheduled repair “Absolute Care” staff is ready to take on your problems
  • Minimize business downtime, by deploying a proactive maintenance approach
  • FIXED monthly IT budget, no more guessing what your IT or repair costs will be!
  • Always get the latest software, and hardware technologies INCLUSIVE. This includes software like backup, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-SPAM, to Microsoft Office 365.
  • We keep you compliant, and perform task routinely like backup checks, restore data, repair, update, and support your office environment.
  • We are “LOCAL” and will be onsite as needed, not just some guy that fixes things over the internet. Real people with real local jobs, ready to serve our local clients, you are important, and never just a number.

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