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Four Exciting things about WordPress 4.0!

By August 13, 2014June 24th, 2016Blog, Wordpress

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WordPress is a free, open-source blog and web design software program used by millions of websites across the globe. At Absolute Central Technologies, we specialize in WordPress site design and have provided a wide variety of blogs to help our customers learn how to effectively use WordPress to drive their business and obtain followers for their products.

Now, allow Absolute Central Technologies to take a few minutes to explain the exciting updates coming for the latest WordPress upgrade: WordPress 4.0!

Crossing the Language Barrier:


In the earlier forms of WordPress, if you wanted your site to be in a language other than English, you would have to either install a “localized” version of the software or take time to manually upload translating files.

Not anymore!
Now, when you set up your WordPress page, you will have the option to choose your site’s primary language.

Users will be able to use themes and plugins in the selected language and will be able to change their site’s primary language through the WordPress Dashboard.

The new Media Grid:

Currently, if you want to edit your website’s media, you have a list option for your media.

current wordpress library

To delete or edit your pictures, you have to scroll one-by-one through your media library and this can be a time consuming process.

WordPress 4.0 integrates a new grid system for media libraries.

You will be able to bulk delete and edit your pictures!

new media view

If you’ve ever had to upload, edit, or remove a significant amount of pictures from a current WordPress website, you will appreciate this upgrade. Currently, it can take hours to upload, edit, and delete superfluous pictures from WordPress. With this new upgrade, it will be faster and easier to manage your media files.

Plug Ins

WordPress plug-ins are applications that allow your WordPress to do amazing things: ecommerce (like WooCommerce), spam filters, connect to social media, manage users, insert really cool sliders and text boxes… the list of what WordPress plugins can do is limitless!

As with media, the current version of WordPress displays plugins in list form: both for plugins you have installed and for plugins you are searching for.

Now, plugins will be much simpler to find, install, and use because just like the media upgrade, WordPress 4.0 includes a grid interface for plugins!

Post Editor

Currently, when you write a post for WordPress the visual post editor the toolbar moves off screen if you scroll down to work on longer posts.

This is the current post editor toolbar:

post editor.The look is not going to change with WordPress 4.0.

With WordPress 4.0, the editor toolbar will move with your screen.
Plus, when you embed something into your post (like a Youtube video) you will see the actual embed instead of just the layout for the embed.

So, those are just four of the changes to expect with WordPress 4.0, which is still in Beta testing. We are excited to see what sort of things the latest release of WordPress will bring to all of our customers and their sites!
If you need help with your WordPress site, do not hesitate to Contact Absolute Central Technologies today so we can get started redesigning, upgrading, or overhauling your site!

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