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Setting up your Webmail through your Gmail Account

By May 12, 2014June 24th, 2016Blog, Webmail

While you can set Webmail up for any traditional free email service, we recommend using Google because Google accounts are multi-purpose and are utilized in Google Authorship, YouTube, Google Plus and Google Drive as well as email. Google is a free service and allows you to send and receive email from multiple Webmail accounts.

To get started, first you need some information from your Webmail account. To get this information you will need to  follow a few steps.

First, you must log in to your cPanel Webmail account by visiting and log in to your webmail account.

01-webmail gmail 1

Once you’ve logged in to your email, you will be navigated to a screen giving you multiple options.

You will need to check email from this page and use options under “configure mail client” to set-up your Webmail through Gmail.

To get the information from the mail client, click “Configure Mail Client.”

02-Webmail gmail 2

From this link, you will see the following blue box:

06-webmail gmail 3

This box shows the information required to securely receive email through your Gmail Account.


Once you have this information, keep it handy by leaving the tab in the browser while you open your Gmail in another tab. Please leave your Webmail account open in the other tab. This will make it easier to complete the set-up

 Log Into Gmail

Now you need to log in to your gmail account. First, navigate to and log in using your account information.

03-webmail gmail 4

Once your account is open, you will see a gear on the far right side of your computer screen. Select the arrow by the gear and scroll down to select “settings.

04-webmail gmail 5

You will see the following menu showing the different settings you can use with Gmail.

05-webmail gmail 6


For now, just focus on “Accounts and Import.” Click on that menu option to continue.

07-webmail gmail 7

Navigate down to “Send Mail As” this option allows you to send mail as your Webmail address. Select “Add another email address you own.”
When you select this link, a pop-up screen will appear to walk you through the set-up. It is recommended that you leave the default options on the pop-up screen.

08-webmail gmail 8

On the first screen, enter your name and your Webmail address then click “Next Step.” Leave the “Treat as Alias” box checked.

On the next screen, select “Send through Gmail” and select “Next Step.”

09-webmail gmail 9

The next screen will ask to send a verification email. Click the “Send Verification email” then return to the tab with your Webmail account.

10-webmail gmail 10
Click “Send Verification” then check your Webmail using one of the existing Webmail checking services. You will get an email from Google:

11-webmail gmail 11

Open this email and click the link:

12-webmail gmai l12

You will get this Screen:
13-webmail gmail 13
Return to your Gmail settings. It’s recommended to leave the option “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” option selected under “When replying to a message.”

To finish setting up your ability to send your webmail through Gmail, check your Gmail. You will have a similar email in your box to verify sending Webmail through Gmail. Open that email and click the link to verify. You can now send webmail through your Gmail.

Now you can send email from your Webmail through gmail. To check your Webmail, you need to follow a few more steps.

 Receiving Webmail through Gmail

First, navigate under “ Check Mail From Other Accounts.”

webmail rec

A screen will pop-up to walk you through the set up.

On the first, enter your Webmail address.

webmail popup

For the second section, enter the information in your Webmail client section, including username, website, and port.17-webmail gmail 15


You may select any of the options listed. It is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED that you select the “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail. ”

Select “Add Account” and your account set up is finished.
There! You can now send and receive email from your Webmail account using your Gmail.


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